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You are doing a kindness, a gift, a charity.

You have NO obligation to provide for, whatever the circumstance, someone who votes against your financial interest.

PS...if you think you’re feeling bad...I just cut off my daughter’s college money, as she felt the need to “express herself” and vote against the family’s monetary well-being in Ohio.

Hope she likes “expressing herself” as she waits tables for next semester’s tuition (and her books, healthcare, car insurance, rent, food...hahaha).

Not a funny hahahaha, but hey, her choice. And I’m all about respecting “choice”. I’m just not going to subsidize it.

LadyBuck, Free Republic 82 Comments [11/12/2012 5:47:20 AM]
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Dear LadyBuck's daughter:

I hope you enjoyed this fantastic demonstration of what the US Conservatives believe is a good thing. Let me remind you that here in the Evil Socialist Europe, we have top-notch free university education in many countries. And no one's complaining, least of all the industry who can always use well-educated employees. Perhaps you should vote for people who recognise the fact that your education shouldn't depend on money purses of utter fucking idiots.

11/12/2012 7:40:45 PM


"I just cut off my daughter’s college money, as she felt the need to “express herself” and vote against the family’s monetary well-being in Ohio."

Your daughter voted for Mitt Romney? Serves her right.

11/12/2012 7:45:46 PM

Seeker Lancer

Hey LadyBuck, what's it like being a selfish shit-bag whose only concern in life is your money?

I hope when you're old and in need of assistance from your daughter she laughs and leaves you to rot.

11/12/2012 9:00:28 PM

Psycho Tits

LadyBuck acted against her own self-interest by putting an election ahead of family unity.

She will almost certainly reap what she has sown in this thing - either in the near-future, when her daughter refuses to bring the grandkids around, or in the more distant future if her daughter even cares enough to seek out long-term care for an elderly mother.


11/12/2012 9:18:33 PM


My dad is a republican but he's still my dad. Your daughter is a democrat but she's still your daughter.

So much for "family values." I guess politics and feeling like you're right about everything are more important than your own family.

Notice later in the thread she makes a joke about dropping her daughter on her head a bunch of times when she was a baby.

Mother of the fucking year right there, clearly.

Wonder if you'll still be saying "hahahaha!" when your relationship with your daughter is completely destroyed and you never see her again after you throw her out.

11/12/2012 10:32:44 PM


You've just lost your daughter because of politics. Does that feel good?

11/12/2012 10:55:53 PM


@Filin De Blanc:

And if the daughter is above the age of majority (18 to 21 depending on the state), the parents don't have any legal obligation to support her - as callous and evil as it might be. If the daughter is over 18 but under the age of majority in whatever state is relevant, then the parents do have a legal obligation to support her - usually at a level determined by their income, which may not cover college tuition.

I do wonder something else:

What is LadyBuck's actual level of income, and what government programs is she directly benefiting from? And which of those would have been cut in Romney/Ryan's budget?

"don't vote against your financial interest" is an understandable personal rule, although it should obviously not extend beyond one's own vote and has serious shortcomings. But even using that rule has problems: it is not immediately obvious how to do the accounting.

Consider ACA. It costs everyone a little money. But it more than makes up for that in terms of lower emergency medical expenses, better public health, and so on. Going the other direction, consider what would happen if automobile safety standards were loosened. Costs of cars would go down slightly, and emergency medical expenses and auto insurance premiums would go way up.

Unless LadyBuck can back up her contention that she personally will suffer financially from one potential administration's policies rather than the others', including both direct and indirect costs and benefits, she is simply using that as an excuse to fall along a party line she is already committed to. Such self-contradicting rationalization fits the authoritarian follower pattern.

11/13/2012 12:45:50 AM


What a cunt. I hope your daughter chooses a "nice" retirement home for you.

...you know what? No I don't. I hope she makes a fantastic living on her own without your "support" and puts you in a place with excellent care.

So she can prove how much better she is than you, you controlling, vindictive, evil cow.

11/13/2012 2:34:01 AM


You're attempting to kneecap your daughter's ability to succeed later in life because she doesn't share your political views? What sort of mother are you?

There are some good reasons to cut off your kid, sure. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

You'd best hope your daughter is a bigger person than you, because if she's even half as petty and stingy as you, the twilight of your life is going to be miserable and lonely.

11/13/2012 2:57:19 AM


You are a horrible, horrible person. Which is normal for a Freeper.

11/13/2012 7:32:42 AM


I hope you get a heartattack with your daughter in the room, and I hope she smiles at you as you lie there, dying. You deserve to die painfully.

ETA: If the rest of your family is like you, I hope the same thing happens to them. How would you like it if you were in her shoes, and your parents cut off your college money because you voted for Romney? People like you deserve death.

11/13/2012 10:10:11 AM


After the guy who wanted to wreck his country's economy, let's see the woman who disowns her own daughter because she wasn't happy with the resultats of an election. Look at her family values!

Let's all hope, when LadyBuck will be older, her daughter will bring her to Ohio's worst nursing care house while she kisses her beauiful girlfriend in front of her senile eyes.

Are LadyBuck and MplsSteve related?

11/13/2012 12:45:41 PM

and how exactly is taxing the rich more against your middle class best interests?

11/13/2012 1:34:50 PM

lol this woman is like the mom from tangled.

11/13/2012 3:33:24 PM

That woman is a repulsive human being and I honestly hope she dies painfully.

11/13/2012 9:27:48 PM


Feel the Christian love.

11/14/2012 7:35:43 AM

Fundies Make Me Sick

You're a pathetic excuse for a mother and need to be sterilized. For you to cut off your daughter's access to college education because she voted "wrong" to you, is sickening.

11/14/2012 8:41:44 AM


Wonderful. Hope you like "espressing yourself" when she finds a cutrate nursing home to leave you in to rot. You think you're gonna change her mind? You're just gonna drive her away, and ensure she has as little to do with you as possible.

11/14/2012 8:53:43 AM


Cutting your daughter off over something like that? Way to go ruining your relationship, you idiot. Hope it'll be worth it a few years from now.

11/14/2012 11:41:10 PM


Checking out some of her other comments, dear god this woman's a dick.

Die. Now.

11/16/2012 12:48:24 AM


Please god if there is one, let this shebeast be lying for Jesus, for the sake of her daughter if nothing else.

Fucking seconded!

But if the bitch isn't lying... Talk about shooting yourself in the foot/cutting your nose to spite your face: from a purely self-interested point of view, she gains nothing tangible, and she puts a lot at risk. To gain the satisfaction of "punishing" her child for daring to have an opinion of her own, she exposed herself as the petty monster she is, and most probably alienated/disgusted not only the poor daughter, but also all the decent people in her family and acquaintances. She may well suddenly discover that the only people remaining in her social network are the callous assholes like herself, and those make a very poor support web in an hour of need.

LadyBuck doesn't seem to understand that as time goes by she's only going to grow weaker and sicker, and that it is simply not smart to antagonize a person who may well end up being the one making next-of-kin decisions for her. But even assuming that the daughter is too nice/manipulable to just dump the old bag in the worst shithole hospice she can find, jeopardizing her studies, and thus her professional future, is a very dumb move. Sure, maybe LadyBuck has a very good pension plan now, but the last few years have amply proved that things can happen to pension funds, things like Mittens-style vulture capitalists or out-of control traders, and then, even if the daughter is a saint and wants to help, it will be difficult if she's barely making a living with a dead-end, absolute minimum wage job because she had to drop out of college.

Of course, these are all just possibilities (my OCD makes me very good at imagining worst-case scenarios), but the fact remains that LadyBuck jeopardized all the positive things that may come from her relation with her daughter for the empty satisfaction of punishing her for not believing as she does.

11/16/2012 5:47:51 PM


"Voted against the family's financial interest..." Hey if she's gonna vote for Romney, I say let her have it.

11/16/2012 6:23:56 PM


this woman is a fucking cunt.

11/16/2012 6:57:31 PM


I assume she's either wealthy or the daughter voted for Romney, given that he's the one that proposes tax cuts that stagnate the economy by concentrating wealth among those least likely to spend it, slashing benefits and social services that the poor and middle class depend on, increasing health care costs, removing regulations that provide a safe environment and financial stability, etc.

Oh, damn, I'm treating "voting against your financial interests" as a phrase that means something, rather than a buzzword that means "VOTED FOR LIBRUL!"

11/19/2012 2:51:26 PM


You are a digusting, subhuman piece of garbage. I hope everyone you know turns on you after knowing what you truly are.

11/19/2012 4:07:09 PM

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