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I do not consider the Obama Administration to be incompetent. They have an extreme socialist agenda which they are clearly succeeding in accomplishing. They remind me of Hitler's program of lies and murder to achieve their power. Obama's promotion of murdering babies has been part of why he is succeeding.

To pray for Obama is to support his agenda as I see it. I pray against Obama's agenda. I can't see where a vile administration promoting abortion etc. is "God's Will".

Clouds, Rapture Ready 33 Comments [11/14/2012 4:16:12 AM]
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"I can't see where a vile administration promoting abortion etc. is "God's Will"

Hosea 13:16: 'Samaria will be held guilty, For she has rebelled against her God. They will fall by the sword, Their little ones will be dashed in pieces, And their pregnant women will be ripped open.'

At least Communist China promotes a One Child Policy.

PROTIP: In Hitler's Third Reich, abortion was illegal. With lengthy jail terms for the women who had such, and the doctors who performed said abortions were executed.

Your head must've been in the Clouds, when you were in History class.

11/14/2012 1:06:53 PM


The only people lying to "Clouds" are his/her preacher, FAUX"NEWS" and hate radio.

11/14/2012 2:13:33 PM


I'd like to know what this person's definition of "socialism" is. I'll bet it's hilarious.

11/14/2012 2:42:51 PM

Old Viking

Blah-blah-blah Obama Administration blah-blah-blah Hitler blah-blah-blah murdering babies. Geez, folks, you're no longer even trying, are you?

11/14/2012 2:53:30 PM


You are lying. Obama and his admin are not socialist in any way.

11/15/2012 9:00:37 AM

Seeker Lancer

God's Will? Sounds more like "Godwin"

11/15/2012 8:50:57 PM


I wonder how these people would react when they realize many progressives don't like Obama because he's not progressive ENOUGH.

11/17/2012 1:14:34 PM

Quantum Mechanic

"I do not consider the Obama Administration to be incompetent"

Not that they aren't, you are simply stupid.

9/29/2014 3:38:58 PM

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