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I have always felt [Charles Krauthammer] was inserted by the left as smoke and mirrors. (Part of the Dialectical Materialism-—pitting “opposites” to get a synthesis). He is the slippery slope to utopianism. He is a distraction—albeit, an intellectual one——but to keep the “right” placated——keep them from really seeing reality and doing what needs to be done.

All Rove’s men are part of the Leftist strategy (the dialectic) to move us to communism. The elite control Rove and Fox News and, yes, Romney. They own both the Republican and Democrat parties. They are all Marxists/Freemason/One Worlders. That is why they are revolted by the Tea Party and people like Alan West and Bachmann and boo God.

We would have won short term by electing Romney-—but we would have still been heading toward that One World Government. Romney would have embraced the UN and perversions and the welfare state-—just not as overtly as Zero which is actually more dangerous for our country.’’

Romney would not have changed direction-—and we are heading into a Marxist hell-hole—One World government.

savagesusie, Free Republic 32 Comments [11/16/2012 4:47:20 AM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

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Mihangel apYrs


nothing to see, just as batshit insane and paranoid as ever.

11/16/2012 4:57:35 AM


Susie, you seem to have problems getting what "conservative" means. Let me explain, "conserve" means to keep something in it's current state. That something is the form of society and government, not it's skin color.

11/16/2012 5:18:46 AM


The Golden Periscope Paranoia Award to savagesusie.

11/16/2012 5:33:59 AM


I'm sure there are people who wish they had this much power.

No one has.

11/16/2012 5:44:12 AM

Leighton Buzzard

But, Susie, the elite control everything!!! Including the Tea Party and Michelle Bachmann and Allen West!!!!

Makes just as much sense.

(Boo God?)

11/16/2012 5:47:26 AM

Filin De Blanc

When Fox News is part of a leftist conspiracy to you you know you've fallen completely off the cliff of sanity.

11/16/2012 7:29:18 AM

Doubting Thomas

How totally fucked up do you have to be to believe that the left is controlling Fox News? Or that Karl Rove is a leftist? I know savagesusie is totally insane, but c'mon. This is getting into eating your own poop insane.

11/16/2012 7:35:32 AM

Hasan Prishtina

savagesusie, just saying what the rest of the Freepers would have been saying in a year's time had Mitt Romney won.

11/16/2012 8:04:33 AM


And the crazy just keeps coming. C'mon, "All Rove’s men are part of the Leftist strategy" Really? That's the case you want to make?

11/16/2012 8:16:04 AM


I started reading this and thought "this seems like something written by Savagesu......"

11/16/2012 10:20:05 AM


That is why they are revolted by the Tea Party and people like Alan West and Bachmann and boo God.

Well, at least they have some semblance of standards.

11/16/2012 10:47:42 AM

J. James

"All Rove’s men are part of the Leftist strategy (the dialectic) to move us to communism. The elite control Rove and Fox News and, yes, Romney."

Further evidence that Savagesuzie is, indeed, further to the right than Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. At least they had a semblance of sanity and operated somewhat like a government, albeit a totalitarian one. If Savagesuzies ran America, I shudder to imagine the horrors involved.

11/16/2012 11:25:13 AM

Rabbit of Caerbannog

@ J. James

There would be no social safety nets of any kind, abortion and contraceptives would be banned, vaccines would be outlawed, subversive literature would be banned or burned, fundamentalist Christian theology would be taught in all schools across the nation, "false" religions would no longer be protected by the First Amendment, homosexuality would be punishable by jail time or death, immigration from Muslim countries would be cut off completely, Civil Rights laws would be repealed completely, and nearly everything would be privatized and for-profit.

11/16/2012 1:31:50 PM



Once national defense and Police was privitized, there would be a resurgence of feudalism as the newly empowered 'lords' of their little fiefdoms, corporate lords, would rise up and take over the government. Corporate feudalism would rule the land, with corporations warring against themselves with their own or hired PMCs.

11/16/2012 2:07:40 PM


Sour grapes. My guy lost, so I'm gonna say he was evil anyway.

11/16/2012 2:52:11 PM

JB Mason

Easily my favorite post ever. Susie's really coming unglued at the seams.

11/16/2012 3:25:58 PM


It's sad when you can't tell a person's current posts from a computer-generated remix of previous posts.

11/16/2012 3:27:23 PM

Seeker Lancer

savagesusie! It's been a while. Never change, susie.

11/16/2012 4:18:27 PM

Romney would not have changed

11/16/2012 9:38:15 PM

Susie is either a Poe or someone who actually needs professional mental help.

11/16/2012 10:46:15 PM


You mean the Romney that Rove and his Super PAC spent 300 millions dollars to elect?

You truly think that electing a man who rights off half of the U.S. population would have been a victory?

You truly are delusional.

11/17/2012 4:49:19 AM


Oh gawd, it's her again.

11/17/2012 7:31:45 AM


I have to say, I am starting think Susie is a very very dedicated poe.

11/17/2012 12:00:47 PM

Street Sharks

My first reading of this I thought "boo God" referred to some Tea Party candidate named "boo God". Maybe related to Honey Boo Boo, lol.

11/17/2012 12:17:31 PM


Karl Rove is a Marxist, now? You're going to sprain something if you keep stretching like that.

11/17/2012 3:53:02 PM

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