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When most Americans think of the ACLU, it is usually the generalization of ultra-liberal legal assistance to church/state separation cases, anti-death penalty advocacy and protection of an assortment of generally undesirable groups.The truth is much more insidious and dangerous. This carefully documented report will attempt to show that there can be no doubt as to the treacherous and dangerous ongoing agenda of an organization so evil and so deceitful that it could not exist if the whole truth were known by the public at large. This then is a confirmed chronicle which will make most fictional thrillers about sinister and diabolic organizations pale by comparison. Learn why the Jew ACLU is the mortal enemy of ALL DECENT CHRISTIAN Americans – and always will be. Like the treacherous Jew whose ‘god’ is the ideology of Zionist /Marxism – it must be destroyed if we wish to live as a free people.

Joe Cortina, mynameisjoecortina 38 Comments [11/17/2012 7:48:02 AM]
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Doubting Thomas

I suppose it doesn't matter that the ACLU has fought many court battles on behalf of Christians.

11/17/2012 7:57:49 AM


All the ACLU does is bring lawsuits into court complaining that the Constitution is being violated. The ACLU presents their arguments, the defendants present theirs, and the lawsuits are decided by judges, not the ACLU.

When did enforcing the Constitution become "ultra-liberal"? I vote Joe for the "More Honest Than He Intended to Be" award.

11/17/2012 8:05:24 AM


Didn't you know? Good Christians look away when civil rights are violated!

11/17/2012 8:19:18 AM


Yeah, yeah, its some one else's fault that you're a loser, and the Jews are as convenient to blame as anyone else.

Seen it, evaluated it, realized the only problem here was in your tiny head.

11/17/2012 8:21:38 AM


What's funny about this is that so many early communists were quite christian.

11/17/2012 8:36:08 AM


One of the whackjobs replying to this post buys the looney idea that your name in all caps on a legal document doesn't refer to you, but to some "legal fiction," as well as the idea that the U.S. and Canada aren't countries but corporations.

11/17/2012 8:38:18 AM


Must not refer to a certain German dictator, must not refer to a certain German dictator, must not refer to a certain German dictator...

11/17/2012 8:41:32 AM


"Like the treacherous Jew whose ‘god’ is the ideology of Zionist /Marxism..."

Actually a Jew's God is the same as yours. Heck, they practically invented Bible-God. Jesus was also Jewish. Nice try, Joe Corndog.

(Yes, I'm aware many Jews are atheist and don't practice Judaism but my point still stands).

11/17/2012 8:46:58 AM

Thinking Allowed

Let me guess...

The ACLU is a bad thing unless it's a good thing when they fight for christians.


11/17/2012 9:02:24 AM


You know that book that's gathering dust in the corner of the room? The one with 'Holy Bible' on the front? Well, ask whoever looks after you to show you the first part which is called 'The Old Testament'. Terrifyingly, the treacherous Jews use exactly the same book as this to chat to their god, and horror of horrors, he's your god too! NOOOOOO!!!!

11/17/2012 9:14:22 AM



Ah, Joe. Your funny. Now take your pills and go back to your room. You'll feel much better there.

11/17/2012 9:22:49 AM

Mihangel apYrs

trifecta anybody?

11/17/2012 9:38:10 AM

Jeff Weskamp

"...protection of an assortment of generally undesirable groups."

Yes, how dare the ACLU insist that "undesirable groups" have the same rights as everyone else!

11/17/2012 9:42:36 AM


I wonder if Bill O'Reilly or Glenn Beck has scheduled Joe for an interview yet. This sounds like the type of "hard hitting journalism" that they'd prattle on about on their shows.

11/17/2012 10:14:34 AM


When this non-American think of the ACLU, it's usually the generalization of protecting American people's constitutional rights.

11/17/2012 10:17:29 AM


" Like the treacherous Jew whose ‘god’ is the ideology of Zionist /Marxism – it must be destroyed if we wish to live as a free people."

Hmmm. Now where have I heard this before?

11/17/2012 10:22:33 AM

Greater Good

Ahhhh, nothing starts my day like a nice trifecta to laugh at.

11/17/2012 10:42:57 AM


"protection of an assortment of generally undesirable groups" -- sounds like it came out of a page of "Der Stürmer", the 1930s Nazi political rag edited by Julius Streicher.

I'm an active member of the Austin, TX chapter of the ACLU -- and most of its members are Christian.

11/17/2012 10:59:45 AM


Yet another Christian satisfying his Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. The ACLU has fought court battles for Christians, and talk like this is how they're repaid? This is one of many reasons why there is nothing decent OR American about Christianity.

11/17/2012 12:03:32 PM


an assortment of generally undesirable groups
Learn why the Jew ... is the mortal enemy of ALL DECENT CHRISTIANs

Next thing, you know, Joe here will be bandying about the term "Untermenschen".

Oh, and Joe, Jesus was Jewish.

11/17/2012 12:46:31 PM



11/17/2012 1:28:47 PM

JB Mason

These people will literally just equate anything they don't like with Marxism. Fucking marxist spinach.

11/17/2012 1:31:42 PM

Hasan Prishtina

"...advocacy and protection of an assortment of generally undesirable groups."

Hmm, the Klan, various Neo-Nazi groups, the Nation of Islam, the Westboro Baptist Church, Rush Limbaugh...there may be a point here. As for an organization that "could not exist" because of its views, Joe Cortina is another one who can't stand the US Constitution.

"sinister and diabolic organizations...Learn why the Jew ACLU is the mortal enemy of ALL DECENT CHRISTIAN Americans"

No shortage of images from the Protocols here, either...

11/17/2012 1:38:34 PM

gee, the ACLU is doing a good job of hiding their true agenda by defending the rights of christians.

11/17/2012 2:13:53 PM

Old Viking

The Jews, huh? Thanks, Joe. I'll stay alert.

11/17/2012 2:29:28 PM

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