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Don’t even bother to think about it! Mulatto Mocha Phony-Messiah [Obama] won’t live out his second term.
Watched the news from Israel lately? Mossad is probably already planning a going away party for the black muslim who would be king.
He’ll be a king-like Martin Luther King!

Eye of Horus, Moonbattery 22 Comments [11/20/2012 3:24:33 PM]
Fundie Index: 23
Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

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Leighton Buzzard

Once again, pony up the ante on the bet, if you're so sure.

11/20/2012 4:08:30 PM


You saying crap like that get you in the fed right?

11/20/2012 4:14:47 PM


Of course.

And to do that they'll get a secret nazi poison made by self-hating jews in basement camps off the German shore.

11/20/2012 4:35:40 PM


"Mulatto Mocha"

Sounds like an interesting new drink from Starbucks!

*Announcer: Try our new Mulatto Mocha! Complete with a rich, chocolatey malt, creamy vanilla and just the right mix of Guava Mocha....limited time only!

11/20/2012 5:25:48 PM


Mossad, my donkey. I hope to fuck you are being watched.

11/20/2012 5:43:33 PM

Conservative Atheist

Why would Mossad want to assassinate a quite pro-Israel President like Obama?

11/20/2012 6:48:12 PM

Mike Litoris

Umm, Martin Luther king wasn't actually a king. King was his surname, not a position of royalty.

11/20/2012 9:04:12 PM


It only takes one moonbat... someone report this guy to the proper authorities.

11/20/2012 9:43:49 PM

Actually, Obama (besides being Christian) has been pretty pro-Israel. Just like every other president, because saying anything remotely critical of Israel's government or foreign policy is political suicide in this country.

So no, I think you're wrong about Mossad planning to assassinate him. Especially since Israel relies very heavily upon the support of the US, and assassinating it's president for basically no real reason, especially after he's pretty much done nothing but support your country, would be a very good way to lose that support.

Also, what does Martin Luther King have to do with any of this?

11/21/2012 1:05:43 AM

Dr. Razark

"Also, what does Martin Luther King have to do with any of this?"

Because MLK was assassinated. It's just more of the threat.

11/21/2012 7:05:20 AM


@ Vox

There's a frosty mocha shake/frappacino-type drink at Dairy Queen called...get this....

While I'm sure it's delicious, the name is VERY questionable!

11/21/2012 7:31:40 AM

Doubting Thomas

Because assassinating a leader you don't like is all just part of democracy in action.

I wonder how many people Eye of Horus called traitors for suggesting the same for GW Bush?

11/21/2012 9:03:24 AM

@ Dr. Razark

Hey, speaking of which, what do you think the chances are that Eye of Horus thinks MLK's assassination was good and/or justice? I think he seems like the type who would probably feel that way.

11/21/2012 12:25:40 PM


According to Sam Fisher, it's the Shin Bet who do all the dirty work.

11/21/2012 10:05:58 PM


Why do all these people think Obama is a Muslim? Is it becomes his family comes from a different geographical location? Is it because he has different facial/body proportions to them and darker skin pigmentation?

11/22/2012 12:47:03 AM


Methinks someone just landed himself on the FBI watch list.

11/22/2012 3:23:57 AM

Seeker Lancer

I can't tell who he hates more, blacks, jews or muslims?

11/22/2012 5:53:01 PM


Will you just agree on a slur already?
When we heard "Dubyah" or "the chimp" we knew someone was making fun of Bush. But for Obama, you're just mashing words together randomly; you'll never make people find it funny if you can't build some pattern in their mind, got to be a little consistent!

11/24/2012 9:10:51 AM


@SpukiKitty - I think it's supposed to be a cow-based pun on "latte" since it has milk in it (I think....). But you're right that the word DOES sound suspiciously close to a cow/coffee-based pun on the word "mulatto"....

I actually never noticed that until you pointed it out, now I'm like.......0____o

11/24/2012 1:41:03 PM


Eye of Horus...Umma Gumma...what's with these bigoted wingnuts taking on names of stuff/demographics/politics they don't like?

An ancient deity from a land of brown-skinned people...

A psychedelic-turned-prog-rock band known for Liberal politics...

Must be an "Ironic Humor"-type thing.

11/25/2012 8:41:22 AM


Oh, fuck off, you pathetic dickhead.

11/27/2012 5:48:03 AM

Oh has the second term, I doubt he'll be assassinated by Mossad.

8/24/2013 1:40:34 PM

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