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Regarding some scientific evidence against the speed of light, from what i remember when i studied science a while back i was told that light can not travel through a vaccum (as sound cant). Therefore i have no idea why people believe starlight travels through space. Astronomers knew this for many years which is why they were searching for some kind of aether.

Cassiterides, Evolution Fairytale Forum 62 Comments [11/25/2012 3:17:47 PM]
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Ehhh no... Just no...

Light travels perfectly fine through vacuum.

11/25/2012 3:18:56 PM

Churchy LaFemme

Your studies "a while back" must have been a few hundred years ago, as no astronomer has believed light cannot travel through a vaccum for centuries. Try reading a recent science book, perhaps one that was printed with movable type instead of handwritten by monks.

11/25/2012 3:24:47 PM


Wait, Eyebeams believes in Aether?

11/25/2012 3:30:43 PM


I was searching for an appropiate facepalm. This is so stupid, I couldn't find one.

11/25/2012 3:39:00 PM

New Face of Rev

10 when i studied science a while back
20 light can not travel through a vaccum (as sound cant).


11/25/2012 3:43:06 PM


scientific evidence against the speed of light

Ah, the so-called zero set, the empty set, null and void.

11/25/2012 3:53:34 PM

Rabbit of Caerbannog

One of the Four Morons of the Apocalypse strikes again.

11/25/2012 3:54:33 PM


"i studied science"

Spoken like someone who has no idea about what science actually is, but wants to impress all his equally stupid friends.

11/25/2012 4:06:21 PM

Creedence Leonore Gielgud


This one work?:

11/25/2012 4:09:25 PM



Is this sufficient?


Someone beat me to it.

11/25/2012 4:19:20 PM


Sound can't travel through a vacuum because it is a vibrational wave and so it needs some medium capable of vibrating to travel through. Light is both a particle and a wave, but because it's a particle it doesn't need a medium to travel through.

Seriously, explain right now how you can see stars.

11/25/2012 4:49:32 PM

Filin De Blanc

He has to be a Poe. I don't believe anyone this stupid could have got this far without drowning the shower or something.

11/25/2012 4:50:22 PM


Got it backwards, Cassiterides. Light can travel through a vacuum. Sound can't. We saw a demo of the latter in 8th grade. I guess you weren't paying attention.

11/25/2012 5:19:49 PM

Wow... Please study harder.

11/25/2012 5:41:20 PM


@UHM: Found one:

11/25/2012 5:52:36 PM

Raised by Horses

Gunning for SuperSport's position, are we?

11/25/2012 6:05:18 PM

>from what i remember when i studied science a while back i was told that light can not travel through a vacuum

Somebody actually invented a bloody time-machine back at the 19th century! And somehow you got selected to travel to our century, young traveler.

11/25/2012 6:15:13 PM

Seeker Lancer

You "studied science" a while back? I'm sorry the third grade doesn't count and I have a hard time believing you even did that.

For fuck's sake Cass, Google "photon" already and stop being so willfully ignorant. It's beyond embarrassing even by fundie standards.

11/25/2012 6:45:49 PM

Felix Wilde

Well, knowing that c=0 puts Einstein's Theories of Relativity into a new perspective, doesn't it? For both Al and Cass to be right, the universe must not exist, and since it does, one of them must be mistaken... But who?

@Osiris: Not relevant. Cass here thinks we see things by shooting magic eyebeams out of our heads, not by the eye absorbing light. So we're quite capable of seeing thhings through a vacuum, or even in the complete absence of light, I guess.

11/25/2012 6:53:22 PM


This is so far beyond facepalm it would take the light from facepalm seven years to reach it.

(Adaptation of a line blown by Roseanne Barr on Roseanne)

11/25/2012 7:01:27 PM


when i studied science a while back

One doesn't study "science".

Assuming you mean narural science, one studies physics, or chemistry, or biology, or whatever, usually with a more specifically defined specialization.

Or do you mean so-called "creation science"? They don't differentiate, they just make up goofy crap as they go along.

11/25/2012 7:24:52 PM


Cass is either a brilliant Poe or batshit insane......

11/25/2012 7:50:40 PM


No, you dumb shit, that applies *only* to sound. You can't *see* a light beam in a vacuum, but it travels through vacuum, all the same... No, it's too late to acquaint you with the simplest physics (including that "beam" is an oversimplification)

11/25/2012 7:54:40 PM


Right, so why's it bright in the daytime, I'd love to hear your opinions on that. Is it that our eyebeams are stronger when we just wake up and get weaker after dinner?

11/25/2012 8:30:43 PM


Cassiturdhead, here's a simple experiment for you to try.

Take a flashlight, switch it on and shine it into your left ear. You will notice that the light shines out of your right ear, even though your skull contains a perfect vacuum.

Oh and watching Star Trek isn't the same as 'Studying Science'.

11/25/2012 10:11:45 PM

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