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Actually…this is standard cultural Marxism, right out of the Frankfurt School. Minority Rule. It’s a divide and conquer strategy, as someone else already mentioned. A white woman has no value unless she becomes a feminist, then she suddenly has a very high value because she is opposed to her former “oppressor,” the evil white male. White males have no value unless they become homosexuals, in which case they suddenly have a very high value because they are opposed to the evil white male patriarchy. It’s ludicrous stuff, but it works because the white males are too wimpy to protest their own displacement. But if enough of them wake up, there might just be a very nasty civil war.

Nicki Thomas, Moonbattery 27 Comments [11/27/2012 4:33:08 AM]
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Do not insult the Frankfurt school.

You have no idea of what it means.

11/27/2012 4:43:50 AM


You are clinically insane.

No, I'm serious. You are actually clinically insane. Seek help.

11/27/2012 5:01:32 AM


I have never worked in a place where the majority or employees weren't straight white men and most of the executives and managers were also straight white men. This displacement you speak of seems to exist only in your mind.

11/27/2012 6:25:02 AM


"It’s ludicrous stuff, but it works because the white males are too wimpy to protest their own displacement."

- Yeah, that's why you never see a white male president!

11/27/2012 7:19:49 AM

Filin De Blanc

Cultural Marxism is just another boogeyman the right uses to scare the ignorant into voting for them. The only people who need to wake up are those like Nicki Thomas who are duped by tax-dodging billionaires into constantly voting against their own interests.

11/27/2012 7:28:55 AM

Mister Spak

This is standard cultural Naziism, right out of the Berlin School. Minority Rule. It's a divide and conquer strategy. Scapegoated groups are blamed for problems both real and imaginary. Enough gullible morons can be fooled into supporting the minority. The minority then screws over the gullible morons, blames the screwing on the scapegoates, and the gullible morons support the minority even more enthusiastically.

11/27/2012 7:30:33 AM


Marxism is SHARE and conquer, stupid. Marxism says very little about the color of people's skin, to my knowledge, or the gender, or the sexual orientation. The bottom line is that everyone is just as valuable as everyone else, and everyone should have about the same amount of resources and assets.

I bet Sweden is fairly "Marxist" in the eyes of Moonbattery. We don't even have fifty percent women in our government, and very few have colored skin, or same-sex attractions (as far as I know, it's their own private business, after all).

11/27/2012 7:30:34 AM


How the hell do you people come up with things like this? Is there some sort of Madlibs form you fill out or something?

11/27/2012 7:54:41 AM


I've been hearing lots of attacks on the Frankfurt School lately (apperently the term is making the rounds) with most of them coming from Americans. I can't suppress a smile every time I read such an attack, not just because the attacks are stupid completely missing what was actually said and written by the philosophers of the Frankfurt School, but also because they come from a country who's only philosophical achievements are a glorified egoism, a.k.a. libertarianism, and a subjective nullification of facts, a.k.a. pragmatism.

11/27/2012 8:05:03 AM

Doubting Thomas

Methinks you need to read Marx's work again.

11/27/2012 8:06:47 AM


Actually…this is standard cultural Marxism, right out of the Frankfurt School. Minority Rule.

Oh pish posh. Just because the majority doesn't always get it's way doesn't mean that it's suddenly minority rule. The majority usually gets its way except in cases where they try to deny rights to minorities.

A white woman has no value unless she becomes a feminist

I would hope that a woman would want to be treated equally with men but not wanting equality doesn't mean she has no value. It just means that she has no self-respect.

White males have no value unless they become homosexuals

You fundies sure have a strange way of equivocating equality with superiority. I'm starting to think you have some sort of inferiority complex where if you can't be superior to a whole group of people by default then that means you are inferior to them. I agree with Ebon, get help.

But if enough of them wake up, there might just be a very nasty civil war.

A war for what? Reestablishing complete dominance over minorities? You'd better learn to appreciate this tolerance and equality thing we've got going because white men will become the minority at some point in the near future (the demographics are just changing way too fast) and you'll experience the same protections that the current minorities are getting now. But, if you decide to knock those protections down, don't come crying when the script is flipped and you are under some other group's thumb.

11/27/2012 8:08:45 AM


I'm astounded that people can think this way and still manage to do things like cross the street or operate a motor vehicle without dying.

11/27/2012 8:51:40 AM


If there actually were to be a "very nasty civil war," I expect we'll find you urging on the troops from the closet of your mommy's basement.

11/27/2012 8:56:40 AM


"It’s ludicrous stuff"

Yes, so ludicrous that the only place it won't get trolled into oblivion is Moonbattery, home of disgrunted straight religious white men.

11/27/2012 9:03:11 AM


Nicki. To feel valuable you have to get out and do stuff. Or even stay home and do stuff. I mean, what do I know, maybe you're agoraphobic, it'd be mean to make happiness conditional to going out right?
Just stop sitting there wailing that white privilege isn't enough to cover for all the things you're not accomplishing.
You don't have to become an millionaire, a hero or a scientist. You can find happiness in modest ways too. Simple men can still be good workers, good friends, good lovers, or good at building miniature birdhouses (WHAT? Everyone needs a hobby!). There's plenty of things to be proud of, which are at your reach if you just close that browser tab and get moving!

11/27/2012 9:29:34 AM


Actually…this is standard cultural Marxism, right out of the Frankfurt School. Minority Rule.

Is he talking about Senate Republicans?

11/27/2012 10:25:21 AM

Hasan Prishtina

"Minority Rule"

Like in South Africa under apartheid? Show me where the feminist-only restaurants and gay-only beaches are.

11/27/2012 10:36:39 AM

Often Partisan

I want to whack this guy over the head with Dialectic of Enlightenment or something.

11/27/2012 10:43:01 AM


the evil white male patriarchy

AKA the Republican Party. (I kid, I kid.)

But seriously, a very nasty civil war? They're usually so pleasant and tranquil.

11/27/2012 11:02:17 AM

Seeker Lancer

"I want men to step on my rights and subjugate me. Also I don't like communists."

11/27/2012 11:52:58 AM

Old Viking

Nicki thinks the Frankfurt School has something to do with condiments.

11/27/2012 3:10:33 PM


right out of the Frankfurt School.

Wow, an American fundie who reads Adorno.

A white woman ... White males

I may have missed something, but since when did the Frankfurt School address race and talk about "white women" doing this and "white males" doing that? That's totally absurd.

Btw, forget the Frankfurt School, they're pretty much far gone yesterday and terribly dusty. If you really want to get upset, read Richard Sennett.

11/27/2012 3:34:42 PM


What the fuck am I reading?

11/27/2012 4:05:13 PM

Raised by Horses

And here we may observe a prime example of words divorced from all meaning.

11/27/2012 8:35:50 PM

social justice sally says hi

"I don't know any loopy peopke, so they don't exist!"
Oh, you're all so sheltered.

11/28/2012 2:29:53 AM

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