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[But I agree with you about television. It is predominately pro evolution]

It is, however no single theory is ever put forward. Evolutionists are at war with themselves more than with creationists, for example i recently watched about 5 minutes of an evolution doctumentary about the origins of man, the clip showed one scientist arguing with another (quite strongly and harshly) over the Out Of Africa hypothesis Vs. the Multi-regional hypothesis. Both scientists were evolutionists but were calling each other ''wrong''.

The theory of evolution just seems to be in a great mess, evolutionists themselves can't even agree.

Cassiterides, Evolution Fairytale Forum 48 Comments [11/27/2012 4:40:35 AM]
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You watched 5 minutes of a documentary and you think you can comment on the state of evolutionary science?

11/27/2012 10:27:43 AM


The Out of Africa model is widely accepted by all anthropologists based on the fact that all of the earliest hominid fossils are found in Africa. Natural Selection is the theory of evolution put forward by Charles Darwin and in over 150 years no other competing theory has been able to surpass it, and it is the accepted model of evolution by everyone who studies in any biological field.

11/27/2012 10:31:05 AM

Seeker Lancer

Scientists argue because they want to get to the truth or as close to it as possible, not because they're mad at each other.

Also while the specific orgins of a species may be up for debate, the method of evolution is not.

11/27/2012 11:14:15 AM


"i recently watched about 5 minutes of an evolution doctumentary"

sounds like a pretty good reason to shut your fucking mouth.

11/27/2012 12:07:10 PM

Often Partisan

Thta's like saying that if one christian says saved through faith and another says saved through works, than christianity is a mess bescause none of them can agee ;P

11/27/2012 1:40:17 PM


if two people disagree, throw out everything

well... there goes religion

11/27/2012 2:03:35 PM

I had no idea my TV had an opinion, either way.

11/27/2012 2:12:17 PM

gee, scientists disagreeing on some details ! NEWS FLASH .. oh wait , thats just NORMAL.

Its a case of we dont know for certain what happened but here are several options. What evidence can we find that supports or disproves one possibility.

By we , I mean real scientists of course. Myself NOT included.

11/27/2012 2:18:47 PM

J. James

...Remind me again how many abrahamic religions and sects there are which cannot agree? Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

11/27/2012 2:18:54 PM

Old Viking

Christian denominations used to oppose one another on the battlefield to determine which one was preferred by a non-existent daddy in the sky.

11/27/2012 2:23:54 PM


"Predominate" is a verb. The word you are looking for is "predominant". Got that, you horrible internet? PredominaNT!

11/27/2012 2:25:31 PM


I'm not sure what exactly you mean by the multi-regional hypothesis, but I'm pretty sure the scientific consensus is that all life originated in Africa, and humans evolved from apes living in Africa.

Whatever the case, evolution isn't really that much of a mess. There are still hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of transitional fossils that support the theory.

11/27/2012 3:52:04 PM


Don't know much about science or engineering do you?

There's are lots of questions in evolution about how, when, where and why. There is no question about IF.

11/27/2012 4:35:02 PM

Raised by Horses

Screech the controversy.

11/27/2012 5:17:58 PM


And can you believe these automobilists? They believe that internal combustion engines work, when just the other day I saw two of them arguing over which one had the right of way.

This is how you sound to us, Cassi...

11/27/2012 6:06:22 PM


Didn't Cassiterides have a post about eyebeams like Cyclops/Scott Summers from. X-men has?

11/27/2012 9:55:38 PM

Wow, this person is stupid.

11/28/2012 1:10:09 AM

BTW, DNA proves out of Africa is right and multi-regional is wrong. Not that you care.

11/28/2012 1:11:01 AM

Pule Thamex

There are many points of contention. Is life's development an evolutionary process or is it a fairytale derived phenomenon? What magic words were used to make dirt walk? Were they "Hocus Pocus" or were they "Abracadabra Mumbo Jumbo"? Was it the same magic breath that made antelopes and crabs? Were liver flukes created with different magical gestures from those used to create mice? We need to ask an expert in magical creation. Sigh! The sublime mysteries of the supernatural.

11/28/2012 2:10:08 AM


Casserites thinks all the world's religions are in agreement.

11/28/2012 6:03:13 AM


"Both scientists were evolutionists but were calling each other ''wrong''."

And if you got them together and asked "Is evolution a fact?" they would immediately forget their dispute over origins, stand shoulder to shoulder, and say "YES!"

11/28/2012 7:25:18 AM

Mr Blur

"predominately pro evolution"

Just life life, really.

11/28/2012 9:48:38 AM


Yeah, that's how science works. Discussions are held, arguments are common. In the pursuit of enlightenment, change is frequent. Everything can be challenged. There is no single book or doctrine which must be adhered to. You do not understand evolution, therefor you familiarize it with something you do understand: Religion. Stop fucking doing that. It's annoying.

11/28/2012 10:18:34 AM

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