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So let’s see: For 2 elections now, blacks voted for BO bc he was black.

Strangely, this figure also included Colin Powell.

Now what those election figures say is that blacks voted for racism and for polices of redistribution that amount to nothing more than a continual pilfering of the white man’s pocket.

This then, coupled with ever-increasing sporadic street violence, seems to constitute a de facto war against whitey.

So I guess I’m wondering if its not yet time to ask someone, maybe John Derbyshire— about when whites might also be permitted to speak openly about race.

Highway Hospital Student, Moonbattery 22 Comments [12/1/2012 5:23:24 PM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

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Dear gods man, watch something other than fox news

12/1/2012 5:47:00 PM


Sorry double post

12/1/2012 6:00:03 PM


dude! i mean... dude!

shut up!

... damn... dude!

12/1/2012 6:34:08 PM


Here's a way they never think of it:

Since most black voters have voted Democrat EVERY election since 1960 that means most (if not all) black voters have voted for a white man for President at least once in their life.

In contrast, in both 2008 and 2012 the majority of white Americans voted for either McCain or Romney. So that means the majority of white Americans have never in their life voted for a black man for President.....

(Peter Griffin voice when he thinks he's saying something clever).....Yeah...let that marinate a while....

12/1/2012 6:44:42 PM

Hasan Prishtina

Colin Powell endorsed Obama for similar reasons to Michael Bloomberg. I never knew that Bloomberg was black.

Given the overwhelming majorities that voted Democratic, the "de facto war against whitey" obviously involves Hispanic, Asian and Jewish people too. Given the massive net amounts paid to the IRS by Asians and Jews, I'd say folk like Highway Hospital Student represent nothing more than a continual pilfering of Asian and Jewish pockets.

12/1/2012 6:49:57 PM


"Now what those election figures say is that blacks voted for racism and for polices of redistribution that amount to nothing more than a continual pilfering of the white man’s pocket."

I love how Republicans have nothing to say about the Rich looting from the bottom 95-98% but when we demand they pay something a little closer to their fair share all of a sudden it's "redistribution" and "class warfare". It's only "class warfare" until we fight back.

I also love how racists assume that only white people are being taken advantage of and that only white people pay taxes and only white people have been losing money. Newsflash: The black middle class (and the non-white middle class in general, including Asian-Americans) have been hit harder in the past 30 years than the white middle class. I can link any number of articles to show this. Republican tax increases on the bottom 95% usually disproportionately hurt poor minorities, hence why they're less likely to vote Republican because most of them REALIZE this.

"This then, coupled with ever-increasing sporadic street violence, seems to constitute a de facto war against whitey."

Crime has gone down over 40% since its height from the early 80s to early 90s. The last time crime was as low as it is now was the early 70s. I've never figured out what alternate universe conservatives and racists are in contact with where violent crime has significantly increased in America....

12/1/2012 6:51:32 PM


@Hasan Prishtina - I know Asian and Jewish-Americans are the 2 ethnic groups most likely to be middle class, not sure about them paying a disproportionate amount of taxes though. I do love how Asians-Americans voted Democratic at higher rates than Hispanics (a fact the mainstream media for some reason hardly ever mentions). It's especially funny given racists, white supremacists and racialists like John Derbyshire (which the fundie in question mentioned) always tout the "I'm not racist because I think Asians are mentally superior to white people" card and count on Asians (or at least Northeast Asians) to be partners with white supremacists in their future Fourth Reich on nonwhite people. If voting Democrat means being "anti-white" then people like Derbyshire, J. Philippe Rushton, Richard Lynn and Jared Taylor are FUCKED with a capital "F" since Asians are apparently even more "anti-white" than Hispanics. XD

12/1/2012 7:01:20 PM

Petroleum Jerry

...when whites might also be permitted to speak openly about race.
You mean that's not what you're doing right now?

12/1/2012 7:18:06 PM


I am a Black man of Asian descent and I voted for Gary Johnson, an Independent. I did not vote against Obama because of his skin color. I voted for someone I believe would have done wonders for this country. But unfortunately, Democrats and Republicans run the show here. Both parties are really one and the same bullshit; it would be like choosing between Coke or Pepsi, despite wanting water or juice instead. In saying that, FUCK Obama and FUCK Romney. (Then again, both are merely puppets of the government.)

12/1/2012 8:26:51 PM

Raised by Horses

@Petroleum Jerry
"You mean that's not what you're doing right now?"

What he means is, he's unhappy because it's no longer kosher to use the n-word in public.

12/1/2012 9:17:34 PM


@DT - I agree. I'm black and I voted for Jill Stein. I dislike both parties and my motto is "Fuck Democrats and MOTHERFUCK Republicans."

Sorry if that offended anyone.

Still, all this racist ranting about Obama is simultaneously irritating (because of the fact there are still A LOOOT of people out there in America who still think like this) and hilarious at the same time (due to my schadenfreude at their racist tears of impotent rage).

12/2/2012 12:04:25 AM

Lots of people "speak openly" about race, but when you're shouting white pride world wide you get looked on as a nazi kook.

12/2/2012 1:06:24 AM


Well? In 2008 ol' Flippy McSpin directly contradicted almost everything he had claimed to stand for and selected the absolute worst, stupidest, and most insane running mate in American history.

Mittens is a pathological liar who couldn't even remember what lie he had said the previous day and proved, with every word and deed, that he holds anyone who isn't stinking rich in contempt.

In General Powell's case: he realized that McCain and Mittens would have both surrounded themselves with the same people who comprised Bushco. Not only did Bushco crash the world's economy they invaded at least one country for no reason whatsoever and turned us into a rogue nation. General Powell, having been in Bushco himself, is uniquely qualified to decide just how dangerous those freaks are.

12/2/2012 2:55:21 AM


Because all blacks are poor and all whites are rich.

12/2/2012 5:18:09 AM


I bet this guy is getting government benefits of some kind.

12/2/2012 8:52:05 AM

Doubting Thomas

Or maybe it's because Romney and the Republican Party in general offered absolutely nothing to black voters, and even now after the election still denigrates them as lazy welfare bums who voted for Obama just so they can keep getting their government money?

12/2/2012 9:23:30 AM


It's getting really offensive to keep saying that non-Whites voted for racial reasons. They actually can do the math - and the astrophysics.

12/2/2012 9:34:55 AM

Rabbit of Caerbannog


Rushton's dead so he's fucked no matter what.

12/2/2012 11:49:47 AM


@Rabbit of Caerbannog - Is it wrong of me that I was almost happy to hear that news?.....

....I know he was an evil fuck (not Anders Breivik-type evil but he was the Jared Taylor-type evil who tried to put a polite objective/scientific/academic face on racism, racialism and white supremacism) but I'm still kind of ashamed of myself for stooping to the level of the fundies from RSTDT submissions and being happy about someone's death....

Maybe I need to take a break. :(

12/2/2012 1:27:45 PM

Rabbit of Caerbannog


My thoughts? And nothing of value was lost.

12/2/2012 6:39:48 PM


I'm white & I voted for Obama, by HHS's logic, I hate myself.

But since I don't hate myself, it's obvious that HHS is full of male bovine manure!

And what the heck is a "highway hospital student"?

12/3/2012 8:00:37 AM

maybe blacks would consider you guys more if you didn't make derogatory comments towards them.

seriously quit with the fucking welfare crap already, more whites are on welfare than blacks

12/3/2012 1:08:23 PM

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