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I have said for years that once gay "rights" opened the door, other "orientations" would follow suit. Career queers have mocked and attacked me for warning about the unanticipated consequences of demanding rights based on sexuality. And now it is coming to the fore. Damn, it's boring to be right all the time.

What the queer agitators deny publicly, they affirm privately.

"Sex by eight or it's too late."
-- NAMBLA slogan

DoctorDoom, Where Liberty Dwells 66 Comments [12/2/2012 5:02:15 AM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

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"Damn, it's boring to be right all the time."
I see you are very well entertained for the next years.

12/2/2012 5:12:07 AM


Why do fundies always group unlike groups together so dammed much. Gay =/= NAMBLA any more than fundies do. Having a different opinion on sexuality doesn't mean I have all other opinions on sexuality.

12/2/2012 5:20:25 AM


No Doomy, it's boring to listen to fundies say the same same stupid shit all the time. If you are going to be a hateful bigot at least come up with something original.

12/2/2012 5:49:55 AM


NAMBLA have had that slogan for decades. Hardly anybody listans to them. They are widely despised. There is no prospect of their becoming a widely supported movement.

Consensual relationships between equals is not the same thing as buggering little children. The fact that both make you personally say 'yuck' doesn't make them alike morally, ethicallly or in the eyes of sane people.

12/2/2012 5:50:47 AM

Deep Search

And, pray, which gay rights organization is trying to legalize sex with eight year olds?

Oh, right. None of them.

That fringe group has been around and will be around after GLBT people have taken even further steps toward equality. Nobody is advocating that it's fine for adults to have sex with children. Researching the issue and treating people with pedophilia doesn't fall into that category, either. Seriously, no psychiatrist is going to go, "Oh, it's totally fine if you go diddle kids, now." If you really believe that, you are 100% idiot.

If you want to condemn a group for abusing children, covering up sexual assault, and protecting pederasts look no further than Christianity.

12/2/2012 5:54:15 AM


NOBODY is "demanding rights based on sexuality." What they are demanding are the rights that everyone else enjoys and those rights shouldn't be denied based on sexuality.

12/2/2012 5:59:42 AM


You are just making this shit up, aren't you?

12/2/2012 6:07:02 AM

Arctic Knight

If NAMBLA is representative of all gays, then the WBC and KKK are representative of all Christians. Even I know better than that.

As long as all parties involved are informed, consenting adults, it is no one wlses business.

12/2/2012 6:11:31 AM

@ Leszek
Fundies think that sex is only for two things: Procreation, or selfish pleasure (in their happy little world, it can't be both, they believe humanity must choose it to be one or the other; by law if necessary). So with that in mind, and since fundies keep believing sexual attraction = sexual action, being heterosexual means making babies. And since homosexuals, pedophiles, zoophiles and what have you - in the eyes of fundamentalists - don't have sex with an adult human of the opposite sex, that's good enough for the fundie to just throw them all in a box, and label it "evil", in spite of the fact all three are fundamentally different.

Doesn't matter if you're homosexual, pedo, or zoophile, if you're not sexually attracted to an adult human of the opposite sex, especially if you're attraction has nothing to do with making babies, then as far as fundies are concerned, you might as well be all three.

12/2/2012 6:23:10 AM


"Damn, it's boring to be right all the time."

Given he's always wrong, how would DD know this?

12/2/2012 6:24:18 AM

Filin De Blanc

Doctor Doom continues his neverending struggle to resist the urge to suck a penis.

12/2/2012 6:28:32 AM


Funny, all gay people I know find pedophilia as sick and repulsive as the rest of us do. One of them is even a licensed foster parent.

12/2/2012 6:36:01 AM


Career queers? Whut?

Queer affirm privately? Do you socialize privately with many queers? How else can you know what the affirm privately?

They demand rights REGARDLESS of sexual orientations, stupid, not because of. Everyone should be able to hold hands with, live together with, marry and inherit their consenting adult loved one.

In what way are you right, about anything? We've had registered partnership and gender-neutral marriage laws for about 15 years, no "doors" have opened here, the only thing that has changed is that gay people can marry. To my knowledge, we don't have any pedophile society over here, none that dares to be as open with its intentions as the NAMBLA is, at least, as child molestation is in Top Five of most heinous crimes, in the public opinion in Sweden.

12/2/2012 6:38:44 AM


What makes you such an expert on NAMBLA Doom?

12/2/2012 6:46:42 AM


NAMBLA thankfully barely exists anymore. The organization boasts more members who happen to be police infiltrators than actual pedophiles.

They attempted to latch onto the gay rights movement in an attempt to find legitimacy. They failed because anyone with a functional soul finds them utterly horrifying.

Like all authoritarians, Doomie likes to lump everyone he hates together in one huge inchoate mass.

12/2/2012 7:09:59 AM

No, the rest of us still think those fucked up pedophiles are still fucked up pedophiles. You're still confusing consenting adults with deranged predators.

There's more overlap between you dolts and WBC than any given gay man and NAMBLA but I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate being lumped in with a 'nigger-loving' lunatic like Phelps than he would like being equated to a slobbering racist 'god' hates with enough fury to split open hell.

12/2/2012 7:14:02 AM

Seeker Lancer

So exactly what other "orientation" has followed?

Your post seems to point to pedophiles but last I checked that's still extremely illegal.

12/2/2012 7:17:19 AM


"Damn, it's boring to be right all the time."

How would you know?

12/2/2012 7:48:55 AM

Fundies Make Me Sick

Child rapists and homosexuals are NOT the same thing. And there are only three recognized sexual orientations. Homo, Hetero and Bi. I don't know whether Asexual and Pansexual are considered valid orientations or not.

12/2/2012 8:01:48 AM


Nobody with three of more brain cells supports NAMBLA or would support similar organizations. Other than that, if not cruelty is involved, I don't see what business it is of yours if Johnny Dinkwad wants to have sex with a salami sandwich and marry his oak tree.

12/2/2012 8:02:38 AM

Nambla have been campaining for decades. No politician is going to publicly dclare child molestation as a good thing, or even as a harmless fringe activity.

You may as well try slogans for bestiality like
"Screw a stoat, its tighter than a goat"

12/2/2012 8:15:17 AM

Doubting Thomas

I don't see your slippery slope scenario coming true any time soon. Allowing the rights of consenting adults to participate in behavior which doesn't harm anyone doesn't mean we're going to allow pedophiles free reign.

12/2/2012 8:31:47 AM


Don't worry guys, he's actually a Doombot.

12/2/2012 8:55:05 AM


Damn, it's boring to be right all the time.

Lucky you, to have never experienced boredom. It is going to be a long time before you are ever right, about anything.

WTF is a career queer? Sexual orientation is innate, how exactly is an innate quality a career? Just because you have it for life makes it nothing like a career. You, pal, are a knob!

12/2/2012 9:35:22 AM


*suspicious look* Um, how is it that you know so well what NAMBLA is about?

12/2/2012 9:42:36 AM

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