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Of course bisexuals are worse. Homos dont have a choice. They are born that way. They have 0 attraction for the opposite sex so its still OK for them and I hope GOD forgives them because they were born that way.They are in a helpless state. But Bisexuals always have the freedom to make the conscious and right choice of following GOD's orders and be straight, they can easily be with the opposite sex and lead a healthy virtuous life . Yet they would still tempt GOD and follow their perverse attraction towards the same sex.

JamesTiberius, Stormfront 41 Comments [12/7/2012 7:29:16 AM]
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Dude, you can't control who you fall in love with.

12/7/2012 8:04:05 AM

Mister Spak

"They are born that way."

We're making progress. The facts are getting through the lead crainiums.

12/7/2012 8:12:47 AM

Leighton Buzzard

And bifolk aren't born that way because ...?

12/7/2012 8:22:59 AM


Seriously, what is so wrong about loving a person of the same gender?

12/7/2012 8:24:44 AM

Filin De Blanc

Tempt God? Are you saying God is tempted by gay sex?

12/7/2012 8:33:41 AM


"But Bisexuals always have the freedom"

Not if you have any say in it.

12/7/2012 8:35:42 AM


Most people can use both hands for complex tasks such as typing. However, one hand is usually favored over the other.

Homo and Heterosexuality is like a person having a strong preference for left or right.

Bisexuality might be ambidextrous, however there is still a preference.

12/7/2012 8:36:04 AM


My friend and her husband have the same taste in women. It's like a shared hobby.

Is that better?

12/7/2012 8:49:41 AM


Just because one CAN be attracted to persons of either gender, doesn't mean you can choose who you fall in love with.

If bisexuality is a sin, why not let GOD take care of it, and you can spend your energy on cleaning up your own act?

12/7/2012 8:51:27 AM

So you admit homosexuals were born that way? Question. Why did God make them that way if it was bad?

12/7/2012 8:53:33 AM

rubber chicken

According to some theorys, almost everyone is bisexual to some degree.
Which explains homophobia as a reaction to the occasional moments of unplanned cock lust in masturbational fantasy. Fundies, with their perennial inability to see anything other than stark black and white, have these moments and believe that this means that they are gay. Unable to cope with the percieved social stigma that this would entail, they enact an exaggerated fantasy of hyperaggressive heterosexuality in order to convince themselves, not others, that they are not.

12/7/2012 9:07:18 AM


What Filin De Blanc said.

12/7/2012 10:10:44 AM


What's so scray about this, is that this opinion is comparatively progressive.

12/7/2012 10:19:19 AM


It's seems we've made some small progress. However, you have yet to realize that you can't really control who you fall in love with, and even if it were a choice, that wouldn't make a difference. People should be free to chose who to love, have sex with, and spend their lives with as long as they're consenting adults.

12/7/2012 10:27:05 AM


Well...they admitted homosexuals don't have a choice AND they admit bisexuals exist. We have made progress.

12/7/2012 10:59:05 AM


I'm sorry but I don't give a shit about god, I simply like both pussy and dick and you know what? I get laid tons more than what you can fap about!

12/7/2012 12:39:41 PM


I wonder if JamesTiberius has ever had doubts.

12/7/2012 12:50:31 PM

Hasan Prishtina

I wonder too, farpadokly. People who post on Stormfront aren't usually too bothered about the forgiveness of people who are born a certain way.

12/7/2012 12:57:00 PM


"They have 0 attraction for the opposite sex so its still OK for them and I hope GOD forgives them because they were born that way.They are in a helpless state."

So God didn't make them that way? If he did, it's clear he doesn't have a problem with same-sex relationships. If he didn't, what omnipotence again?

12/7/2012 1:25:17 PM


Love is love. It doesn't matter what sort of body it's attached to, but the personality matters.

12/7/2012 1:27:44 PM

The Crimson Ghost

Quite possibly the stupidest thing Kirk has ever said.

12/7/2012 2:04:04 PM

Thinking Allowed

Sorry James, but bisexuality doesn't work that way.

12/7/2012 2:29:52 PM


What business is it of yours who other people fall in love with, as long as it's not you? Why do you care?

12/7/2012 5:41:32 PM

Old Viking

James, stop worrying about other people's sex lives. Get a job. Or at least a hobby.

12/7/2012 6:00:17 PM

Arctic Knight

When you see a rainbow, god is having gay sex.

12/7/2012 6:28:35 PM

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