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(on learning that the Boy Scouts are going to be allowing atheists)

This is an absolute disgrace. To allow the enemies of all that is good and right into the scouts, destroys the purpose of the organisation.

condate, Telegraph 24 Comments [12/8/2012 5:39:44 AM]
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(on peepin' dat tha Boy Scoutz is goin ta be allowin atheists)

This be a absolute disgrace. To allow tha enemiez of all dat is phat n' muthafuckin right tha fuck into tha scouts, destroys tha purpose of tha organisation.

12/8/2012 6:32:46 AM

Doubting Thomas

Next thing you know the Boy Scouts will have a merit badge for baby eating.

12/8/2012 6:59:02 AM


"To allow the enemies of all that is good and right into the scouts, destroys the purpose of the organisation."

But, Christians have ALWAYS been allowed in.

12/8/2012 7:15:40 AM


Surely the purpose of the organisation is to form structure and provide personal development for young boys using organised activities so that they become better men when they get older. The swearing of allegiance to God and the Queen is just a few moments of a boys long-term participation in the scouting movement and not the whole purpose of the organisation.

12/8/2012 7:23:36 AM


double post

12/8/2012 7:24:57 AM

Fundies Make Me Sick

Um...okay. Atheists are not "enemies of all that is good and right". I don't know what the Scout's official policy is on this, but if being a Christian isn't a requirement, then I don't see a problem.

12/8/2012 9:01:48 AM

Hasan Prishtina

I wonder if condate knows that Muslims have always been allowed in the Boy Scouts?

12/8/2012 9:17:36 AM


Maybe they did that because they realized how stupid it was to become a fundamentalist organization (No state funding, constantly shunned, atrocious morales)

Did you think about that one condate ?

12/8/2012 9:27:34 AM


Riiiiight. It was much better to make Scouts with different beliefs lie in order to be accepted.

12/8/2012 10:14:20 AM

Mister Spak

"To allow the enemies of all that is good and right into the scouts, destroys the purpose of the organisation"

That's why we're going to get rid of the fundies.

12/8/2012 10:36:45 AM


but...they've been allowing Fundies in since the beginning!

12/8/2012 10:57:16 AM

Excuse me sir but my son, satan jr, should be allowed into the scouts just like jesus jr...
Seriously though someone call the whaaaaambalance for him

12/8/2012 11:10:58 AM


The BSA already puts pedophiles in positions of authority and covers up for their actions.

And yet it's atheist kids you're complaining about? Get your fucking priorities straight.

12/8/2012 11:45:48 AM


"This is an absolute disgrace. To allow the enemies of all that is good and right into the scouts, destroys the purpose of the organisation"

Fact (as per a Republican Party insider in "Time Magazine" a week or so ago): As the older generations - with their old attitudes - are dying out, the new generations replacing them are becoming more tolerant, and less religious. If - like the Scout Movement in the US - you want the same here in the UK to continue to exist, you've got to realise that harsh but undeniable truth:

Adapt or die.

You don't want left-wing Atheists to join? Fine. But then - in the ultimate act of cutting your own head off to spite your face - the purpose of the organisation is destroyed.

12/8/2012 11:56:44 AM


But Christians have always been allowed in!

12/8/2012 1:00:26 PM


oh no, now young boys will have to worry about being harmed and that harm going unreported for decades... like when the atheists were let into the Catholic Church


12/8/2012 1:37:13 PM


I thought the point of the Boy Scouts was to teach kids to be self sufficient and help others. Is that not a thing anymore?

12/8/2012 2:18:13 PM


Damn, all this time I thought the BSA was to teach self-reliance, leadership, honesty, teamwork and the like. I must have missed the part where their purpose was to foment hatred of atheists.

12/8/2012 2:54:55 PM

Old Viking

I admit to being an enemy of some things that are good and right. But not all. Geez!

12/8/2012 3:43:55 PM

Raised by Horses

Having to put up with living with people who are not exactly like ourselves? Anathema.

12/8/2012 7:21:24 PM


And when we're through with the Boy Scouts, we'll go after the Brownies! Mwahahaha!

12/8/2012 10:44:54 PM

Sharon Young

I'm personally not at all involved in this – but from my experience as a schoolgirl I've heard scouts swearing allegiance to God on World Scouting Day or something.

A quick scan of Wikipedia, furthermore, claims that "A Scout should be spiritual but Scouting is open to all religions. Scouting deals with religions in the practical way: by nature study (to see what God is) and helping others (which is what God asks for). (...) Today religious practice is not a duty any more, as long as the Scout follows the Scout law and promise."

Leading on, the Scout promise:
On my honour I promise that I will do my best—
To do my duty to God and the King (or to God and my Country)
To help other people at all times and
To obey the Scout Law.

I can get where all this is coming from – that the irreligious, according to some, wouldn't embody this 'spirituality' – but to declare atheists (and agnostics, apparently says the BSA) as "the enemies of all that is good and right" would be too farfetched a claim.

12/9/2012 3:06:09 AM


At least they're being honest in implying that the primary purpose of the Boy Scouts, is to brainwash young children into their religion. Refreshingly honest for once.

12/9/2012 3:38:34 AM


Hey buddy, tone it down. I feel strongly about Christians in the scouts too, but you can't discriminate against them just because they have a religion.

12/9/2012 10:44:43 AM

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