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(on learning that the Boy Scouts will be allowing atheists)

The atheists won't be happy until they have driven every Christian underground and taken away everything of virtue out of society.

mikenew, Telegraph 35 Comments [12/8/2012 5:39:48 AM]
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D Laurier

Actualy, we are happy now.

12/8/2012 5:41:28 AM

(on peepin' dat tha Boy Scoutz is ghon be allowin atheists)

Da atheistz won't be aiiight until they have driven every last muthafuckin Christian underground n' taken away everythang of virtue up of society.

12/8/2012 6:33:21 AM


No, that's a complete lie.

12/8/2012 6:42:19 AM

Doubting Thomas

They just can't accept that we exist, can they?

12/8/2012 6:57:38 AM


Everything of virtue? No, just the things that your shriveled sense of empathy and embarrassingly engorged sense of self importance have tricked you into thinking are virtuous. Like, say, bigotry.

Hint, hint.

12/8/2012 7:05:12 AM


Problem being, mikey, that there is nothing virtuous about religion. Since when were thievery, deceit, bloodlust, and child rape virtuous? No wonder your cults are dwindling! My happiness does not depend on where you are, but I would not shed one tear if your depravity were driven underground, mike.

12/8/2012 7:22:38 AM

Hasan Prishtina

Admitting people is the same as driving those already there underground - perhaps that's just what happened with desegregation. They allowed blacks into schools, bars, art galleries and voting booths and now maybe whites can only get an education, meet for a drink, look at pictures or express their political opinion in underground establishments, always one step ahead of the law. Maybe we can test this by looking at such establishments in say, downtown Atlanta or Birmingham. Or maybe we can look at the complete lack of whites among elected representatives from the South. Or maybe we could call this a load of crap from someone who never grew up.

12/8/2012 7:57:26 AM


We're not driving out Christians, you bonehead! Atheists & Gays are not going to interfere with your camping, knot-tieing, badge-collecting & helping sweet old ladies cross the street....they just want to join the fun & be your friend.

Why can't you be like the Girl Scouts? They don't have your hang-ups....Plus, THEY HAVE COOKIES!

12/8/2012 8:09:03 AM


actually, all we want is for people to stop discriminating against us.

Other people being treated fairly is not discrimination against you people.

12/8/2012 8:33:07 AM

Fundies Make Me Sick

No evidence that atheists have any agenda against Christians in this country so I feel confident in calling your post bullshit.

12/8/2012 9:03:02 AM


Apparently, fundies still didn't realize that using such arguments as "We're all going to get killed" or "It's the end for us" isn't working very well in a civilized and modern nation... except for people who are as crazy as him

12/8/2012 9:29:31 AM


I'm quite happy now, actually.

12/8/2012 9:49:19 AM



It's projection really. They want people to believe that atheists are going to do them what they themselves intend to do to everyone else.

12/8/2012 9:59:52 AM


The Boy Scouts have always allowed atheists but they used to make them lie, something antithetical to their code, by swearing fealty to a God they don't believe in.

12/8/2012 10:13:23 AM

Mister Spak

"The atheists won't be happy until they have driven every Christian underground and taken away everything of virtue out of society."

Either you drive the christians underground, or take away everything of virtue out of society.

You can't have both at the same time.

12/8/2012 10:35:43 AM

Deep Search

Being included (i.e. not being shunned and discriminated against) is the same as taking away the virtues of society? Whatever that means.

It boggles the mind that that's really how they think. They can't possibly imagine that an atheist just, yanno, wants to be part of a group. No, they must want to ruin everything! And this isn't even in the US. Imagine all the howling if this was taking place in America where they say you can't be a truly good citizen if you're an atheist.

12/8/2012 11:19:36 AM


"WAAAAAAAAHHHHH! They won't let us discriminate against atheists anymore! We're being persecuted!"

12/8/2012 11:43:36 AM


Groovy. Still not supporting them in any way until they stop picking on gays.

12/8/2012 12:11:01 PM


"The atheists won't be happy until they have driven every Christian underground and taken away everything of virtue out of society."

You lot always bang on & on about how you are 'in this world, but not of it', do you not? So what the fuck are you complaining about?! And as so many of your fundie ilk have stated - in not so many words - you cannot be a True Christian™ if you're not experiencing 'Persecution'.

Therefore bend over & take that lovely 'Persecution'; and suck it up, Princess!

You are not of this world, as you always say. Ergo, it belongs to we Atheists. It. Is. Ours. Our gaff, our rules. Our laws; Romans 13:1-5, and all that jazz. >:D

12/8/2012 12:14:04 PM


Because Christians are oh so virtuous.

12/8/2012 12:24:46 PM


He screamed into the underground station, where all the atheists were driven into by the angry mob years prior. "Damn it, now I have come down there" he raged in his mind. "Now I have to accept that they exist", his mind wondered on, "but I'm sure not going to listen to them!"

12/8/2012 1:03:53 PM


not every Christian, just the ones with self righteous ideas about what young males should or should not believe

12/8/2012 1:34:19 PM


So how is letting atheists in the Boy Scouts doing these things? I don't see any Christians being driven underground.

12/8/2012 2:16:08 PM


So thoughtful and kind of you to imply that atheists aim to take away everything of virtue in our society. I do admit that I am delighted every time a Christian zealot shuts up and goes away, but I still support honesty, fairness and other virtues.

12/8/2012 2:51:27 PM

Old Viking

I was a Boy Scout, but they kicked me out. I thought you were supposed to help old ladies cross the street whether they wanted to or not.

12/8/2012 3:39:51 PM

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