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not all Whites are smart enough to get those advance degrees, especially with affirmative action for women, jews, queers, negros, beaners, chinks etc working against us.

We need a better plan. One that does well for Southron White men on both sides of the bell curve. Secession is that better plan. The moment we are free of the damnyankee and his leviathan we will be free to go after our natural resources like coal, oil and gas. Those jobs pay enough for White men on the wrong side of the bell curve to make a good life for themselves and their family. Especially once the govt doesn’t actively discriminant against us or rob our wages to pass on our money to negros and all the other yankee pets

Stonelifter, Occidental Dissent 11 Comments [12/8/2012 5:41:43 AM]
Fundie Index: 19
Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

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not all Whites is smart-ass enough ta git em advizzle degrees, especially wit affirmatizzle action fo' women, jews, queers, negros, beaners, chinks etc hittin dat shizzle against us.

Our thugged-out asses need a funky-ass mo' betta plan. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. One dat do well fo' Southron White pimps on both sidez of tha bell curve. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Secession is dat mo' betta plan. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Da moment our crazy-ass asses is free of tha damnyankee n' his fuckin leviathan our crazy-ass asses is ghon be free ta go afta our natural resources like coal, oil n' gas. Those thangs pay enough fo' White pimps on tha wrong side of tha bell curve ta cook up a phat thuglife fo' themselves n' they family. Especially once tha govt don’t actively discriminant against our asses and rob our wages ta pass on our scrilla ta negros n' all tha other yankee pets

12/8/2012 6:49:26 AM

Doubting Thomas

Hey I'd love for the South to leave the union and start its own country. Then all those tax dollars coming from the blue states could go toward better purposes rather than making fat & lazy red states even more fat & lazy. Then we could have all right-wing fundie Christian theocrats go there and have their Republic of Jesusland and leave the rest of us alone.

12/8/2012 8:56:11 AM

Hasan Prishtina

One wonders what Stonelifter would do with one of they "advance degrees." Wipe his bottom with it, I dare say.

12/8/2012 9:49:28 AM


I'm a Yankee; where's my leviathan? Will trade you 40 acres and a mule for one!

You just go after those natural resources. If there actually were secession, everyone with an engineering degree would run for the border.
Standard remarks about Blue states supporting Red states, etc.

12/8/2012 12:30:28 PM


'Southron'? As in the imaginary race of humans from Tolkien's Middle Earth?

12/8/2012 2:55:28 PM


Southrons - Like Decepticons except they all morph into Pick Up trucks.

12/8/2012 8:52:35 PM


Southron men! Now is the time to SECEDE and take up arms against the tyranny of King's Landing! An abomination born of incest sits upon the Iron Throne, with his WHORE mother, his TRAITOROUS true father Jaime, and his DEMONIC uncle the Imp guiding his despotic rule! Come join the TRUE king, STANNIS, who is even now marshaling his loyal bannermen to EXPUNGE this stain from King Robert's throne! DEATH TO THE ABOMINATION JOFFREY!

12/9/2012 10:41:14 AM


Southron? Wasn't that a race in Lord of the Rings?

12/10/2012 5:18:29 PM

@WatermelonRat, Mech610

Yeah, it was an alternate name for the Haradrim. AKA those dark-skinned people from the deserts and jungles south of Gondor who were basically stand-ins for Arabs and Africans.

Odd group for a white supremacist to associate himself with.

12/12/2012 11:10:57 PM

I'm sure that'll work...Just like last time.

4/27/2013 11:26:41 AM

You misspelled "southern".

2/8/2014 7:01:34 PM

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