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The three sacred entitlement cows in the room that no politician wants to poke are Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. A blinding statement of the obvious is that we are never going to get our financial house in order until these sacred entitlement cows are not only poked, but slaughtered. Until the slaughter is over, everything else is just taxation window dressing.

In addition to slaughtering the three sacred entitlement cows that consume a vast majority of the federal budget (and I use the term budget generously), let’s truly spread the pain around and raise taxes on everyone, including the nearly 50 percent of Americans who pay zero federal income taxes. Those Americans need to have some skin in the game, too. I recommend at least a 5 percent federal income tax bracket for them. The insane free ride needs to end.

Every federal agency and department should be required to take an immediate, real 15 percent cut in its budget — no funny accounting tricks, but a real 15 percent cut. Agency budgets then should be rolled back to their 2005 level before the end of 2013.

No tax-raising deal should be signed without including a balanced-budget amendment.

Let’s also stop the insanity by suspending the right to vote of any American who is on welfare. Once they get off welfare and are self-sustaining, they get their right to vote restored. No American on welfare should have the right to vote for tax increases on those Americans who are working and paying taxes to support them. That’s insane.

In addition to suspending a welfare recipient’s right to vote, we also need to get our voting system straightened out and eliminate voter fraud. We need to ensure that only Americans vote by requiring polling places to validate the identification of each voter.

It shouldn’t take a Motown guitar slayer to come up with these common-sense bargaining chips before taxes are raised on the producers, which will further choke the economy. How about it, GOP?

Ted Nugent, Washington Times 72 Comments [12/8/2012 5:34:02 PM]
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Check your privilege, Ted.

12/8/2012 11:49:28 PM

Feral Dog

Did you know unemployment is taxable income? True story. You can either fill out a tax form come tax time, or you can have $100 held back each check. So, do you get $700 now and worry about taxes later, or $600 and not have to worry? Most people go the latter. $600 a week for four sure sounds like a lot, unless it's your only money... Heck where I live you're lucky if $600 covers more than ten days of groceries for a mom and four kids, and again if that's your only money that's a tight budget. Rent, gas, utilities, medical...

12/9/2012 1:42:37 AM


Fucking fascist.

12/9/2012 2:15:27 AM

Felix Wilde

Umm... You actually want to raise taxes? And if you cut all budgets, on what does that extra cash get spent?

It's hard to believe you don't simply want to fuck over everyone unlike yourself. Care to explain? Please do try not to ramble incoherently like the senile neanderthal you are.

12/9/2012 4:35:40 AM


We've been paying Social Security and Medicare taxes all our working lives. For some of us that accounts for the largest deductions in our paychecks. How does that make it entitlement? I still have 20 years til retirement, and my money damn well better be there.

And a lot of people on Medicaid are so profoundly ill or injured that their insurance capped out long ago. Something that Obamacare, which you vehemently oppose, would help reduce. Another big chunk of Medicaid and welfare recipients are single moms whose baby's fathers abandoned them, forcing them to accept assistance. Of course you hate them because they voted for Clinton and his Child Support Enforcemnt Act.

And how does suspending anyone's right to vote help anyone? Oh yeah, silly me, it helps you and the 1% keep their overprivileged lifestyles.

Oh, and Cat Scratch Fever sucks.

12/9/2012 4:39:32 AM


I really love how none of his bright ideas would affect him personally. :(

12/9/2012 4:42:59 AM


The American Conservative dreamland sounds very much like Sparta, does it not?

12/9/2012 4:51:23 AM


Errm, In what way is this Fundie? There's not one religious reference in the paragraphs quoted.

Seems that FSTDT is becoming just another place for political bickering.

12/9/2012 4:54:31 AM

Da three sacred entitlement cows up in tha room dat no sucka wantz ta poke is Social Security, Medicare n' Medicaid. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! A blindin statement of tha obvious is dat our crazy-ass asses is never goin ta git our financial doggy den up in order until these sacred entitlement cows is not only poked yo, but slaughtered. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Until tha slaughta is over, everythang else is just taxation window dressing.

In addizzle ta slaughterin tha three sacred entitlement cows dat consume a vast majoritizzle of tha federal budget (and I bust tha term budget generously), let’s truly spread tha pain around n' raise taxes on everyone, includin tha nearly 50 cement of Americans whoz ass pay zero federal income taxes. Those Americans need ta have some skin up in tha game, too. I recommend at least a 5 cement federal income tax bracket fo' them. Da loco free ride needz ta end.

12/9/2012 5:21:41 AM

Every federal agency n' department should be required ta take a immediate, real 15 cement cut up in itz budget â€" no funny accountin tricks yo, but a real 15 cement cut fo' realz. Agency budgetz then should be rolled back ta they 2005 level before tha end of 2013.

No tax-raisin deal should be signed without includin a funky-ass balizzled-budget amendment.

Let’s also quit tha insanitizzle by suspendin tha muthafuckin right ta vote of any American whoz ass is on welfare. Once they git off welfare n' is self-sustaining, they git they muthafuckin right ta vote restored. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! No American on welfare should have tha muthafuckin right ta vote fo' tax increases on em Americans whoz ass is hittin dat shizzle n' payin taxes ta support them. That’s insane.

In addizzle ta suspendin a welfare recipient’s muthafuckin right ta vote, our crazy-ass asses also need ta git our votin system straightened up n' eliminizzle vota fraud. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Our thugged-out asses need ta ensure dat only Americans vote by requirin pollin places ta validate tha identification of each voter.

It shouldn’t take a Motown boombox slayer ta come up wit these common-sense bargainin chips before taxes is raised on tha ballaz, which will further choke tha economizzle yo. How tha fuck bout it, GOP?

12/9/2012 5:22:27 AM


That's easily said when one is a man who got rich with terrible music.

Almost funny.

12/9/2012 5:40:55 AM




Quote: "Additionally, religion is technically not even a pre-requisite for this, although blind adherence to its ideologies (and those of politics) is perhaps the #1 source of fundies in the universe. Rigid, arrogant, "know-it-all-and-confidently-force-it-on-everyone-else" authoritarian strains of both amplify the propensity to fundyism, [...]"

Seems to fit.

12/9/2012 5:55:31 AM

Although the GOP has successfully duped its followers into believeing otherwise by bringing it into every budget debate, Social Security DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE DEFICIT. It is self-funding and has two trillion and change in surplus. What they really want is to raid the fund and give the money to their buddies on Wall Street to squander, and to satisfy their philosphical hatred for anything that helps anyone who isn't rich.

Medicare has put a huge strain on the budget thanks to REPUBLICANS, who forced through a multi-trillion dollar prescription drug "benefit" that includes a gift to their pharmaceutical industry buddies in the form of a clause that makes it illegal for the government to negotiate for lower drug prices, like every other country in the world.

That 50% tax figure applies to income tax. Those people do pay payroll taxes, however, and they pay it on 100% of their income, while the rich pay it only on the first $108,000 they make. And many rich pay zero income taxes, because all their wealth comes from dividends.

Also, fuck your GOP tax math. IIRC, the top 2% take in 87% of the wealth, and the lower 98% only 13%. So why are the people making only 13% of the money paying 50% of the taxes?

And as you damn well know, there is no voter fraud. There is, however, LOTS of election fraud, by the GOP. But I'm sure you're all good with that, right?

12/9/2012 7:14:00 AM

Doubting Thomas

See, Ted, this is why Republicans are now whining because they had their asses handed to them in the last election. The general public doesn't like the stance of the extreme right, and you and your fellow teabaggers are wanting to go even further toward the extreme right.

12/9/2012 7:16:51 AM


Geeze, what kind of moron is spouting this shi---oh, it's Ted.

Never mind. Nothing to see here.

12/9/2012 7:37:10 AM


12/9/2012 7:43:59 AM


Go dodge another draft, fucknut.

12/9/2012 7:58:38 AM


Ted Nugent's years as a third-rate rock guitarist have turned his brains to tapioca. Now, he's a gun-toting loudmouth for the Tea Tards.
Fuck you, Ted.

12/9/2012 8:21:58 AM



Sure! I'm honored!

I also like to call him "Turd Noodnik", use it all you want. I encourage EVERYONE to use them!

12/9/2012 8:39:10 AM


"It shouldn’t take a Motown guitar slayer..."


Mr. Noodnik....

You're no Hendrix...
You're no Page...
You're no Gilmour or Barrett...
You're no Van Halen...
You're no Rhoads...
You're no Townshend...
You're no other respected rock guitar legend...


You may be native to Detroit but you seem to have left your heart (shriveled & stony as it is) in the backwoods of Dogpatch! You're a bona-fide stereotypical Redneck Bigot Hick! You freak even the hillbillies from Deliverance out!

12/9/2012 8:48:06 AM


So, let me get this straight. The United States were started by people rebelling with the slogan "No Taxation without Represantation", but Ted Nugent - clearly a nationalist - wants people on welfare to be taxed and take away their right to vote. Sure, but the other side is unAmerican, right?

12/9/2012 9:29:18 AM


I don't know how to break this to you asshole but I and my employees PAID foe Social Security and, if you look at the numbers, it's not an issue.

"Entitlement" is simply a term used. Don't take it literally.

12/9/2012 9:42:04 AM


Or, in simpler language -- I have mine. Too bad about you. You poor people owe it to the society which made me rich to just die off and take yourselves out of my way. Starve or die of disease, your choice.

12/9/2012 1:25:03 PM


Oh look! It's Teddybrain!

12/9/2012 1:54:31 PM


I didn't realise Ted was actually this much of a wank.

12/9/2012 2:40:44 PM

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