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A man who found six children in his driveway in Newtown, Conn., after their teacher had been shot and killed in last month's school massacre has become the target of conspiracy theorists who believe the shootings were staged.

“I don’t know what to do,” Gene Rosen told Salon.com. “I’m getting hang-up calls, I’m getting some calls, I’m getting emails with, not direct threats, but accusations that I’m lying, that I’m a crisis actor, ‘How much am I being paid?'”

Rosen, a 69-year-old retired psychologist who lives near Sandy Hook Elementary School where the shootings took place, says his inbox is filled with emails like this one:

How are all those little students doing? You know, the ones that showed up at your house after the ‘shooting’. What is the going rate for getting involved in a gov’t sponsored hoax anyway?

“The quantity of the material is overwhelming,” Rosen said, adding that he's sought the advice of a retired state police officer and plans to alert the FBI.

On the morning of Dec. 14, Rosen had just finished feeding his cats when he saw six small children "sitting in a neat semicircle" at the end of his driveway. According to the Associated Press:

A school bus driver was standing over them, telling them things would be all right. It was about 9:30 a.m., and the children, he discovered, had just run from the school to escape a gunman.

"We can't go back to school," one little boy told Rosen. "Our teacher is dead."

Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old gunman, had shot his way into the school and opened fire, killing 20 children and six adults.

Rosen took the four girls and two boys—students of slain teacher Victoria Soto—into his home, gave them toys and comforted them while he tried to reach their parents. He spent the days following the massacre telling his story to the swarming media that invaded the small Connecticut town in the wake of the shootings.

“I wanted to speak about the bravery of the children,” Rosen told Salon. “I guess I kind of opened myself up to this.”

A quick Web search for Rosen's name reveals some of what he's opened himself up to: Appearing online are photos of his home, his address and phone number, several fake YouTube accounts and plenty of conspiracy theories.

One post, entitled "Grieving Town Grandfather, or Bad 'Crisis Actor,'" reads in part:

Gene's oft repeated, and changing, story about that day, focuses totally on the kids and the sound of gunshots. Even though his eyes and ears should've taken in the whole scene, his story focuses completely on the kids and the guns.

Why? Well, if this was a false flag event designed to move political opinion on gun control, here in America, then you would get a lot more bang for your buck by talking about the innocent little children. That's what tugs on America's heart strings the most ... especially around Christmas time.

anonymous, Yahoo 23 Comments [1/18/2013 4:07:52 AM]
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Pondlife. Notice that Mr. Rosen does not hide his identity, while the bums taking shots at him all do.

1/18/2013 5:32:56 AM



1/18/2013 6:05:01 AM

Doubting Thomas

Fucking tinfoil heads... Nothing ever just happens, it's always an evil gummint conspiracy and eyewitnesses are either lying or paid government agents.

This is the direct result of having crappy mental health care in this country.

1/18/2013 7:17:02 AM

Have you ever noticed how whenever a middle-to-upper-class white guy kills a bunch of people, it's always a hoax or a "government conspiracy"? Crazy assholes were saying the same thing about the Aurora shooting (about it being a hoax and a "conspiracy", because of course James Holmes was obviously innocent).

If he weren't white and reasonably well-off, no one would even suggest the possibility of a conspiracy.

1/18/2013 8:00:52 AM


People can be such assholes, but this sort of thing is far from new, or even exclusive to the tinfoil hat crowd. Just look at some of the crap Pericles had to deal with back in his day.

It's sad nevertheless. The man did some good in the midsts of a terrible tragedy and idiots are flinging shit at him for it. This site really tests my faith in people.

1/18/2013 9:41:12 AM


I can only hope that the FBI reacts and put all the "people who aren't fooled by the government" back into place

I don't have too much problems with nutheads saying bullshit on the Internet, but taking on a 69-year old retired psychologist because he's apparently "assisting the government" is taking it WAY too far

1/18/2013 10:48:31 AM


@Doubting Thomas

I think that it has much more to do with a huge industry devoted to perpetuating the idea that everything is the fault of the black guy in the White House and/or the fact that we don't execute homosexuals.

1/18/2013 11:05:36 AM

Hasan Prishtina

Those "crisis actors" have to carry that burden for the rest of their lives. None of these assholes can bring those children back. They are truly worthless specimens.

1/18/2013 12:51:56 PM

Rabbit of Caerbannog

Conspiracy theorists are scum.

1/18/2013 1:37:06 PM

Pule Thamex

The internet, the best thing that ever happened to conspiracy theorists. They can spread their deranged nonsense far and wide at the touch of a few keys. Or is it? I suspect that behind it all really, some sort of government agency is practicing its dark arts.

1/18/2013 1:59:06 PM


Nothing is ever as it seems to these morons. Toys and juice for 6 kiddies actually means he's deep under cover (having lived there for years) and is helping the government fake the whole shooting thing. Apparently the government's doing a great job, you know with the fake 20 splattered 6-7 years-old and how no one has seen any of them since and all.

1/18/2013 2:24:56 PM


That was inevitable.

1/18/2013 3:46:08 PM


The entire state of Connecticut does not exist. It's all a hoax to make you believe in Sandy Hook so that they can take away your guns.

1/18/2013 3:53:18 PM

the fact that he is jewish isn't helping their case

1/18/2013 4:48:38 PM

Filin De Blanc

No good deed goes unpunished, it appears.

What a bunch of cretinous shits.

1/19/2013 4:16:33 AM


But these people also believe that the 9/11 attacks were a conspiracy and that G.W. Bush, a white guy, was to blame?

1/19/2013 5:33:29 AM


This reminds me of the poor guy named, uh Hector el Nino, I think? He got hundreds of angry emails and death threats for causing all those storms and floods.I mean really.

1/20/2013 4:26:07 AM


Well I find this patently ridiculous, and I'm a fucking "truther"

My heart goes out to Mr. Rosen and to everyone who lost someone they loved that day.

1/20/2013 6:06:32 PM


People died, you piece of shit. Twenty-six of them. (Directed at the author of the last italicized section.)

1/21/2013 2:13:22 AM


Well, that's because Bush was the Evil Shadowy Government, and thus the mastermind behind any conspiracies while in office. No matter how implausible.

1/21/2013 2:23:55 AM

The simplest explanation also happens to be the most reasonable one: Kids hear gunshots, kids run the hell away, once fear runs its course kids look for nearest home with trustworthy adult to call police as told to do in pretty much every emergency situation.

Not a stretch, is it?

1/24/2013 4:07:16 PM


As much as I want to smack some people, this is the Internet, so I'm going to have to settle for pointing one thing out.

The Sandy Hook shooting was a tragedy through whatever pair of glasses you can put on, but the double standard that pisses me off is how it's the new Alamo when someone wants to push gun control, but too soon for any other purpose.

2/23/2013 3:11:07 AM

Yes, because everybody knows that the mere appearance of six kids is enough not to be fooled by the government.

5/28/2013 9:12:40 AM

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