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scientists are using faith and ignorance themselves when they decide that a phenomena MUST be a natural instance that they don't know about yet.
That's what evolution is basically...

Britt, The Debating Realm 12 Comments [2/7/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Now if she'd said that in 1799, she might be one of those 'genuine psychics' \"Interesting\" Ian was talking about. As opposed to adding a little Old Testament to her brain and becoming 'genuinely psychOTic'

2/7/2006 5:08:31 AM


No, we actually know quite a bit about evolution.

But science never says that there is no other possible explanation - it says that this one is the best explanation we have. Untestable claims are almost never the best explanation available, simply because they don't really explain anything - they simply substitute an unsolvable mystery for a solvable one. Science sticks with natural explanations because an \"unnatural\" one is next to useless in terms of predictive power.

2/7/2006 6:43:21 AM


A classic case of projection. Faith and ignorance indeed!

2/7/2006 1:55:32 PM

King Spirula

Having produced an incoherent sentence as an explanation of what evolution is, you have demonstrated you know shit about evolution and science. I suggest you move over to \"The Debasing Realm\" where your abilities are better suited.

2/7/2006 6:06:05 PM



2/8/2006 2:07:50 AM


\"...using faith and ignorance...\"

*collapses in a fit of giggles*

Pot, I've *got* to introduce you to kettle. You have so much in common that it's scary...

2/8/2006 3:03:32 PM


Okay so...science must be a natural phenomenon, that we don't know about yet...So, if we don't know about it yet, what exactly are we making science? Ow...there it is, the heebeejeebee migraine.

2/8/2006 3:55:34 PM


Actually, I think you might have misrepresented the pot-kettle phrase. As far as I'd heard it used, the implication is that the pot is accusing the kettle of a characteristic they share. Religion calling science a matter of \"faith and ignorance\" is more like projection.

2/10/2006 4:21:45 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Must have been below Ann Coulter in high school biology.

4/27/2011 1:42:22 PM


Every phenomena we can witness is a natural instance. If it seems paranormal, we just don't have a valid explanation for it yet.

9/18/2013 12:16:45 PM


Science has been continually knocking down the supernatural nonsense since the day they got rid of the God dragging the sun across the sky (your shit, still in print)

We (mostly) all know that the Earth spins and goes around the Sun in a Year. That's what science is basically, reality.

9/18/2013 4:33:28 PM


Well, yeah. If I see a flag flying away from the flagpole, my first thought is "It's windy", not "goddidit". Whenever you say "goddidit", what you really mean is "I give up, I don't know the answer".

6/3/2017 4:19:05 PM

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