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[Commenting on "The Silent Scream" anti-abortion documentary]

Towards the end of the documentary the narrator tells how these abortion clinics started multiplying "like fast food chains" around the country after the 1973 Supreme Court decision. That organized crime was heavily involved in these clinics. Strange how they can smell where the big $$$ is.

Stinker, Christian Forums 18 Comments [2/20/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Yeh - that's why they own the 700 Club and Saudi Arabia...

2/20/2006 2:37:51 PM

David D.G.

Considering this poster's username, I'd say it is NOT strange how we can smell where the big B$ is.

~David D.G.

2/20/2006 2:58:16 PM


That was my favorite episode of the \"Sopranos\" :)

2/20/2006 4:01:58 PM


At least Stinker's not blaming Jews. That's progress, right?

2/20/2006 4:27:19 PM


Yea, the mafia always gets involved after something is legal. And everyone knows it was ending prohibition that really got the mafia started in the liquor business.

2/20/2006 7:43:19 PM


Yep, that's why I'm opening my own abortion franchise. It's just so *lucrative.*

2/21/2006 1:32:07 AM


Organized crime? Get ready for the Godfather jokes.

\"Don Corleone, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your home on the wedding day of your daughter. And may their first child be an aborted child.\"

\"In Sicily, abortions are more dangerous than shotguns.\"

\"I don't want my brother coming out of that toilet with just a fetus in his hands, alright?\"

\"Do you know how naive you sound, Michael? Presidents and senators don't have babies killed.\"

\"Johnny Fontaine never gets that abortion!\"

\"Luca Brasi held a gun to his head, and my father assured the bandleader, that either his signiture or his fetus would be on the contract.\"

\"It's a Sicilian message. It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fetuses.\"

\"You've gotta get up close like this and bada-bing. you blow their placenta all over your nice Ivy League suit.\"

\"Leave the gun. Take the fetus\"

\"Every time I put my line in the water I aborted a baby, and every time I aborted a baby, I caught a fish.\"

2/21/2006 6:38:00 AM


Involved how?

Organized crime has three primary sources of income.

#1) Contraban/illicit services. It's more likely organized crime would get into the abortion game AFTER it becomes illegal, especially if a hooker from one of their brothel's gets knocked up somehow.

#2) Skimming/hijacking. There are few hijackable commodities involved in abortions.

#3) The protection racket. This is actually a decent angle, assuming abortion clinics make a lot of money. The mafia could offer reactive protection against fundie protester or proactive (as in the \"or else\") protection using the fundie protesters as cover. For example if the mafia bombed an abortion clinic it would be relatively simple to frame the nearest groups of extra right wing religious fanatics.

Of course both these angles depend on the fact that fundies have a history and active practice of violent actions against abortion clinics and the result would be a lot of dead or jailed fundies.

2/21/2006 7:00:06 AM

King Jones

Classic stuff ssdexecutor :D

My roflcopter nearly took off.

2/21/2006 3:21:59 PM


\"Welcome to McBortion, may I take your order please?\"

\"Uh, yeah...gimme a Fetusburger and an order of Embryo Nuggets.\"

\"Would you like to supersize that to a third trimester?\"

\"No thanks, but throw in one of those coathangers while you're at it.\"

2/21/2006 4:15:47 PM


yep that's why only one abortian clinic exists in correct me if I got the wrong state Mississippi

2/22/2006 9:24:43 AM


Oh yeah and that's why South Dakota (where they are about to pass a law banning abortion even in cases of rape or incest) only has ONE abortion clinic. Oh yeah, they're just ROLLING in the dough.

2/23/2006 8:35:53 PM


Oh, c'mon. Haven't you all seen the lavish life-style of those Planned Parenthood employees? BTW lets start a charity to help those poor, gutter-living tele-evangelists.

2/24/2006 4:14:35 PM

David D.G.

Papabear, you have SO got this pegged.

~David D.G.

2/24/2006 4:42:36 PM


Are you sure that smell isn't you Stinker?

12/4/2006 4:44:58 PM




2/14/2008 11:22:52 PM


Did the documentary really say abortion clinics are funded by mobsters?
I doubt it.

2/14/2008 11:24:22 PM


Mighty brave of the christian "activists" to firebomb mob businesses

6/4/2014 1:50:52 PM

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