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['And since the therapsid jawbones did in fact evolve into mammalian ear bones, you are dead wrong on your second point.']

You are making this WAY too easy. If it functioned, then it is not considered IC. If we found evidence of a developing ear in the fossil record, and knew that it would did not work until it developed further, that is NOT evidence for darwinism. That is evidence of something forming in anticipation of a FUTURE benefit. Blind forces do not anticipate future benefits. Anyway, you're too ignorant of ID. You dno't seem to get it. Maybe you can follow my debates with other peolpe and catch on later.

namordecai, Yahoo! Message Boards 10 Comments [2/23/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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David D.G.

Astounding. This guy is all but drowning in clues and is unable to get hold of a single one. That's not just a wall of ignorance; it's an impenetrable force field!

~David D.G.

2/23/2006 7:10:41 PM


... um....

no idea what you're saying right now.

2/23/2006 8:52:18 PM


OH SHIT - That's UNDOUBTEDLY the worst defence of irreducibly complexity I've ever heard of. (Something that's indefensible anyway).

Every example of 'Irreducable Complexity' - clotting, camera eyes etc, has been broken down to a series of prior evolutionary advantages that would be maintained.

And to say -- if you disagree with it -you mustn't understand it is ridiculous. I disagree with the bible (and God I might add) categorically stating the moon is a goddam fucking light source. I go with the radical theory that it's reflected sunlight and believe that the moon \"changing shape\" is actually the Earth's shadow as it blocks the passage of light from the sun. Do I not understand the bible?


* oh and the not working thing? Is he saying vestigial organs will become something useful later, we just don't know what yet?

2/24/2006 2:55:21 AM


Point of correction:

The phases of the moon are caused by the position or the side facing the sun relative to observers on Earth. The Earth's shadow only blocks sunlight during a lunar eclipse, which is an irregular event.

Though you're right about it being a reflector. If the moon is a light source so is every visible thing in the entire world.

2/24/2006 4:49:24 AM

Acme Translator

Machine translations are imperfect. Single tired person translations may be equally flawed. Fundiebabble-English translator now active.

\"You are making this way too easy. If a structure can evolve, it is by definition not irreducibly complex. [As I have just now redefined the term.] If we found a structure that couldn't have possibly evolved, it would be evidence against evolution. I'm ignorant of evolution. If you follow my debates with other people, you will make me feel better about my lack of knowledge of evolution.\"

2/24/2006 4:51:11 AM


But...but therapsid jaw-bones did serve functions, and...oh, fuck it.

1/1/2009 6:21:18 AM


We all 'get' ID. You mean the Christian God created everything just like you were taught at church. Your faith demands you reject anything that conflicts with that. Evolution really upsets you because it has facts to support it whereas your faith has nothing so you will go on a campaign of lies in a lame attempt to dispute evolution.

1/1/2009 2:41:51 PM


So animals must be able to see into the future and say "I better keep this part, someday I may find a use for it"?

6/5/2017 8:40:30 PM

Shepard Solus

Then he'll demand to know why you never see a half-formed modern eye in the next breath.

6/5/2017 11:55:00 PM


if it's beneficial it remains, if it's around for generations it changes, it may be affected by other changes.

6/6/2017 5:06:19 AM

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