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God named the stars..ever wonder why God only named one planet?..I do..know which one it was?...Earth of course..who named the rest of the planets?..Man...why?.. this is one of many questions that burn in my mind....

I too have heard the gospel is in the stars..have yet to read how one is to find it...also have wondered why man has named the constellations..such as the Seven Sisters, Big/Little Dippers, Orion..etc..except for the Big/Little Dipper, I have never been able to see such pictures in the stars..

katt, RaptureReady 21 Comments [2/27/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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David D.G.

All mocking aside for a moment, asterisms are cool, aren't they? It is so much easier to see the picture than with constellations, which invoke a great deal more artistic license. (Then again, what we call the Big Dipper either is now or once was known as the Plow; no image is universal.) But of all the constellations, Orion definitely rules. That one's a beauty.

[Resume mocking mode.]

As for finding the gospel in the stars, I've never heard of this before. Where does this claim come from? I can make out some outlined patterns, but nothing that looks like letters or words. Of course, if the lettering was Aramaic or something, I'm sure I'd never recognize it.

~David D.G.

2/27/2006 4:56:54 PM


I saw this on bash.org today and I think it's tangentially relevant. And hilarious.

<@Vacorsis> The universe is racist
<@Vacorsis> At night you can see thousands of stars, and none of them are black
<@Vacorsis> That's just total bullshit

2/27/2006 5:08:23 PM

David D.G.


Nuh-uh! What about black holes, huh? What about dark matter? What about red giants and brown dwarfs? The universe is TOTALLY \"diverse,\" man!

~David D.G.

2/27/2006 5:12:43 PM


okay, if this chick is such a moron that this sort of inanity is a question that \"burns in her mind\", then I'm at a loss.

Ever heard of a metaphor, you idiot? Ever heard, furthermore, of light pollution?

2/27/2006 5:29:16 PM


Last time I checked, humans named the stars and the Earth.

2/27/2006 6:05:41 PM

Blind Watchmaker

Isn't it ironic that the planets are named after Roman gods, and the stars have mostly Arabic names?

Wonder what gawd was thinking...

2/27/2006 6:32:43 PM


Seven Sisters: not a constellation.

Big Dipper: Not a constellation, but part of one (Ursa Major), and better known to non-Yanks as the Plough.

Little Dipper: Not the name of a constellation.

Orion: Well done, you gone one real constellation correctly named in your list....

As for her bein unable to see the \"pictures,\" she's obviously never actually looked at the sky or a star map. The big and little dippers DO look a bit like spoons or ladles (the Plough also looks like a plough). Ursa Major, inclusing the fainter stars, DOES look kinda bear-shaped. Leo DOES look like a lion. Scorpius DOES look like a scorpion, complete with a sting in the tail. Orion, most famously, looks like a hunter. Hercules is also recognisably human-shaped. Libra looks like a set of weighing scales. Corona like a crown (as does Corona Australis). Taurus like a bull's head. Crater a cup. Triangulum a triangle(!). Delphinus a dolphin. Sagitta an arrow. And so on.

There are plenty that don't look like what they represent (Sagittarius looks more like a teapot than a centaur-archer, and Delphinum arguably more like a kite than a dolphin), and at least one isn't supposed to look like the thing for which it is named: Lynx is so called because you need a lynx's eyesight to see it.

But in summary: this girl needs to get out more. Her own back yard will do.

2/27/2006 6:52:27 PM


Katt, you are misinformed, the Earth's origional name was Bob, it was changed when the earth came of age at 210,000,000 years old to Terra. Constellations were nemed because humans have a tendency to see patterns in randomly placed objects. The Big Dipper, Plough,or Great Bear is just a group of stars, they don't really have any particular relationship to each other except seen from one point in space. They don't even sing together.

2/27/2006 8:32:52 PM


Well, actually, 5 of the 7 stars making up the Plough *are* a group travelling together through space. They're believed to have started out together as a cluster (much as the Pleiades are now), and to have drifted apart over time.

2/27/2006 11:07:05 PM


\"God named the stars..ever wonder why God only named one planet?..\"


2/28/2006 12:28:23 AM


Why did humans see pictures in the stars and give them names? Because humans anthropomorphize and see patterns and meaning where none exists. This explains both constellations and God.

2/28/2006 1:25:34 AM


Going through Genesis, I don't even see where God named the Earth. He did name \"land\" though. Does that get your brain cells burning?

2/28/2006 4:21:32 PM


Maybe it's because you're fucking blind!

10/5/2006 3:35:22 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Just die.



7/3/2012 11:42:19 PM

To the people writing the Bible, the planets probably looked like pale stars. They only knew about their own planet, that's why only this planet is mentioned in the Bible.

7/4/2012 12:04:55 AM


Meanwhile, Astrology is bullshit but did the legwork (mapping the stars and their movements) which led to Astronomy and a better understanding of our universe.

Alchemy led to Chemistry, Metallurgy and Medicinal breakthroughs, it again was a least a study of reality.

Religions (All Y'all) have led to continouis nonsense

7/7/2012 8:14:21 AM


For your information, the name "Earth" is a human invention.

1/4/2013 8:36:16 PM

God named the stars ? which chapter of the bible is the named star charts ?

perhaps the conbstellations have shifted and we see fewer stars today than most ancient people did because of the city lights ?

1/4/2013 9:47:17 PM


Not only did God name our planet, but he did so in English?

You are not very bright, are you, katt?

1/4/2013 10:41:13 PM

Quantum Mechanic


10/15/2013 10:37:48 PM


"who named the rest of the planets?..Man...why?"
Ooh, pick me, pick me!
The sheep-herders did not know about any other planets, that's why "God" did not name them.
As humans learned about more and more planets we named them, often the one who was credited with the discovery got the honor.

10/16/2013 12:32:46 AM

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