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if a girl leads a guy on, or is drunk at a party and flirts a lil, or leaves the impression she wants more then to just make out.. she gets.. "sexed up"
but how can you blame a guy for lusting a girl who is wearing clothes that essentuate the female figure.. you cant..

and those guys who rape girls, were pushed over, or took themselves over the limit..

i guarantee if girls wore dresses like they used to in the 1800's.. the amount of rape cases would be cut in half..

TJ, Myspace 50 Comments [2/27/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Yes, because everything was saintly and pure in the 1800s. Never mind that there was a large amount of child prostitution going on, some men had mistresses on the sly or left their wives altogether, or that a certain fellow named Jack the Ripper went around, killing and slicing up prostitutes (but in TJ's mind, this wouldn't count, because they obviously deserved it *cough*.) Get a life.

2/3/2008 5:15:56 PM


Rape Apologist of '07.
EDIT: To quote a post in a similar thread, "Screw femininity. They just want easy access."

2/3/2008 5:16:56 PM


Doesn't the bible preach self-control???

2/3/2008 5:53:46 PM


get over it, women like being cock-teases. Or at least the ones in high school do.

2/3/2008 6:03:57 PM


try telling that to a 70 year old woman who has been beaten and raped

2/3/2008 7:11:04 PM

"You were coming onto me."

"They always say that, Jeff."


"WHo?! The pedophiles! 'Oh, she was so sexy, she was asking for it.' 'She was only technically a girl, she acted like a woman. It's just so easy to blame a kid, isn't it! Just because a girl knows how to imitate a woman does not mean that she is ready to do what a woman does. I mean, you're the grownup here. If a kid experiments and says something flirtatious, you ignore it. You don't encourage it." - Hayley (Ellen Page) and Jeff (Patrick Wilson) in "Hard Candy."

2/17/2008 4:58:17 PM

Lady Death

Or, you could just learn to control yourselves.

2/18/2008 3:50:04 AM


Cause only half the rapists would go through the trouble of taking the damn things off.

Ok... so who's he blaming? The girl or guy?

2/18/2008 4:21:28 AM

doomie 22

I think Penn Jillette said it best: "Fucking is not the fucking point of rape. Hurting is the fucking point of rape."

7/17/2008 8:17:59 AM


"i guarantee if girls wore dresses like they used to in the 1800's.. the amount of rape cases would be cut in half.."

Really? It seems like if you're making a completely baseless prediction, you should at least make it more dramatic. If you think that women dressing like the 1800s (if you even know what they dressed like in the 1800s) would only stop half of all rapes, it doesn't seem like that strong a correlation. If everyone would stop being such fuckwits, I guarantee that there wouldn't be any rape.

12/9/2008 4:14:46 PM


TJ: Grab your cock and whack off, you horny little pervert ... and keep right on pulling on it and squeezing it until the damned thing pops right off and we can all stop wondering when you're going to rape someone, you idiotic fuckwad.

12/9/2008 4:42:14 PM


the amount of rape cases would be cut in half

So if rape is always the woman's fault because she dressed immodestly, then what accounts for the other half of the rapes that will continue in your statement above? It can't be the man's fault because the woman causes him to lust. But if she dresses modestly so he doesn't lust, then why will rapes still happen?

Could it be that men need to take personal responsibility too for rape?! What a concept!!!

12/9/2008 4:53:49 PM


So naturally women in Saudi Arabia or Afganistan who wear those full body robe things never get raped.

3/12/2009 9:54:31 PM


In the 1800s you were probably most likely to be raped by your husband no matter what you were wearing, but I know that's ok with you fundtards.

3/13/2009 3:44:24 AM


Damn right it takes ages to get a woman out of one of a corset, by the time you're done you're to knackered to do anything.

6/17/2010 11:12:43 AM


After reading one of these fundies, does anybody else feel like they must be weird for not having tried to rape anybody yet ?

6/17/2010 12:49:49 PM


I guarantee you if we castrated you all, the amount of rape cases would go down to zero. And I apologize to all the decent guys out there, but I am getting sick and fucking tired of having to dress and live my life according to what some man somewhere thinks.

6/17/2010 12:56:32 PM


How can you blame a girl for getting appalled by your English. For example: "then" and "than" are NOT synonyms!

So, no guy has ever worn clothes that "essentuate" the male figure? Go figure (har har).

What about 83-year-old "girls" who are walking home from church and get raped? Did they also get "sexed up" or "take themselves over the limit"?

Rapes are least likely to happen in nudist camps, where everyone wears nothing whatsoever. How do you explain that, TJ?
Ooh, I know, I know! It's not about sex, it's about power. And also "what you hide is more enticing than what you expose".

6/17/2010 1:07:00 PM

leah hall myspace

i love you do you know me

8/10/2010 9:00:46 PM


And it's fucknuts like you that are the reason why "what were you wearing on the night in question" is still considered a valid line of questioning.

8/10/2010 9:30:23 PM


And if they ran around the way Eve did in the Garden of Eden....what would happen then?

Or did they have clothes shops? Poor Adam if they did. The only woman on earth and she's dressed in some shapeless sack to keep him at bay.

8/11/2010 9:00:56 AM


I guess the first part isn't wrong. I know I like to look at women who wear sexy clothes. How fucking ever, I have never even had the desire to force myself on anyone. Shit, the way these morons talk, you'd think that the ability to keep one's dick in his pants was a Goddamn superpower.

In short, fuck you and your victim-blaming mentality.

10/6/2013 10:03:11 AM


Nope, nein, non. The problem is that men are raised to think only in terms of conquest, who has the biggest dong, who can fuck the most people in one week,etc. They are not taught that women are PEOPLE, not objects. They are taught that women are things to be acted upon, not people who have feelings, hopes, and dreams. "Well she was askin' for it dressin' like that" is just a smokescreen for the truth: That there are still too many people around who don't consider women to be anything other than objects that just happen to breathe.

10/6/2013 11:50:30 AM


We really need a "Sexists Say The Darndest Things".

4/23/2014 3:54:19 PM

Crimson Lizard

Your penis does not entitle you to tell me how to dress, asshole. Nor are you entitled to try to "punish" me with rape for dressing in a way you don't approve of.

11/22/2014 10:31:17 AM

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