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[Q: In your opinion, what religion do you think is dumb?]

Atheists. They dont believe in anything. Sounds pretty contradicting to me!

askme!, yahoo answers 61 Comments [10/30/2008 10:40:32 PM]
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Hippie_Chick: I have this 30 year old friend that is still single.. and what freaks me out is that she doesn't plan to get married.. just yet..! I mean, several guys have proposed to her, and she still thinks she's 'not ready'... go.sh, I hate that.

abiquagirl89: Yeah, it's so sad when people, especially girls, don't want to get married!

Hippie_Chick / abiquagirl89, CBH 42 Comments [10/5/2007 6:44:00 AM]
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I'm not trying to be mean, but what we see is you putting your faith in a church. A church that believes and teaches doctrines that are contrary to the Word of God and doctrines that are even non-existent. You've made your decision, you can serve your church, we've made our decision and we will serve the Lord.

imfree, Rapture Ready 6 Comments [11/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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Seven things are an abomination to the Lord, says the Proverb, “hands that shed innocent blood, feet that run to do evil, and a heart that devises wicked plans” are three of them. These, the DNC does routinely.

How is it that people who call themselves Christians can attend churches every week, sing in their choirs, give their money and do good works, and then, on the first Tuesday in November deny everything they say they believe by casting a vote for the militant ungodly with the tap of a touch-screen or the pull of a lever?


No, there is no such thing as a Christian-Democrat. There is no way to defend the godless policies of the Left under cover of Christian compassion, deceitful ideals of social justice, inclusion, or other kinds of double-speak. These are bogus man-made principles that will always be interpreted subjectively and implemented with partiality.

Timothy Buchanan, BarbWire 17 Comments [5/22/2015 3:15:35 AM]
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As our text verse says, God made us each in the womb. Surely, a mother's womb should be the most safest place in the world for her precious baby, but in fact, it is the most deadliest place to be these days.
You'd think that the most dangerous place in this world is working as a fireman in a burning building; or perhaps working as a police officer on the streets; or perhaps a pyrotechnician in his dangerous environment. Sadly, the disturbing truth is that you have about a 33% chance of being murdered in your own mother's womb in the United States...

•At current rates, nearly one-third of American women will have an abortion (AGI).
•In 2011, unmarried women accounted for 85.5% of all abortions (CDC).
•Women living with a partner to whom they are not married account for 25% of abortions but only about 10% of women in the population (NAF).
•37% of women obtaining abortions identify themselves as Protestant, and 28% identify themselves as Catholic (AGI).
•Black women were 3.7 times more likely to have an abortion in 2011 than non-Hispanic white women (CDC).
SOURCE: Facts About Abortion: U.S. Abortion Statistics

Please notice in the preceding abortion statistics that 85.5% of all abortions are performed on unwed women. This testifies plainly to the omnipotent wisdom of our God in Heaven, Who prohibits all sex outside of marriage. These statistics show some of the reasons why! Do the math (85.5% divided by 14.5%... Unmarried women are 589% more likely to have an abortion than a married woman!!! Oh, how foolish we are as human beings when we question God's wisdom in His holy Word and choose to do things our own way instead.

The Scriptures tell us in the Old Testament that everybody did that which was right IN THEIR OWN EYES. Notice that they chose to do right, but they wanted to choose what was good or evil. Every Man Did That Which Was Right In His Own Eyes! Judges 21:25, “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” This was the sin of Eve in the splendid Garden of Eden. She reasoned in herself that there were three good reasons to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Genesis 3:6, “And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.”

According to TIME magazine,[1] the most dangerous jobs in America are: fishermen, loggers and firemen. Yet, a person is far more likely to be killed in a mother's womb. That is so tragic!

Feminists have been brainwashed by Satan to kill their own babies, and so Satan steals the precious gift of motherhood from them, and their home is destroyed. While murdering their own precious little baby, they insanely feel “empowered” as a feminist. We don't need a forced one-child policy in America, because Planned Parenthood and the maggot-infested feminist agenda have caused American women to voluntarily abort their babies.

How can we honestly sing, God Bless America, when we commit such wickedness in the sight of God Almighty?

I read a statement recently by a preacher, who said, “America: don't apologize for it's greatness.” If that preacher would pull his head out of the sand, he'd realize that we no longer have any greatness as a nation. As a whole, Americans have committed 55,000,000 abortions. As a whole, Americans did nothing while Terri Schiavo was tortured to death in 2005. As a whole, Americans stuff their faces while people eat mud to survive in Haiti, just 600 miles south of Florida. As a whole, Americans have sat back while over one million Iraqi's have been murdered. I agree with radio host Alex Jones, who stated on December 16, 2009: “America has become a rat-infested worm hole... wicked nations go into bondage.”

With the arrogance of SIN CITY; the cesspool of Hollywood; the perversion of Mardi Gras; the demonism of Salem, The Witch City; the HELLivision; teaching impressionable children that they evolved from slime; the abortion holocaust of 50,000,000 humans; the sick-mindedness of same-sex marriage; and all the Godlessness of America... how can we truly consider America “great” anymore? I apologize to God and the rest of the world for America's wickedness. The only thing “great” is our level of wickedness. Wake up!

If you get an abortion, you are just playing into the hands of the ruling elite, multi-billionaires, mass-murdering eugenicists, evil people, who would NEVER abort their own children. But they know many of you are dummies who will think you are exercising your “rights” by killing, stealing and destroying your own child, family and happiness. By forcing the populace into economic hard times, they have also made it more difficult for you to support children. Consequently, there are fewer children today.

Satan wants to kill, steal and destroy your children, marriage and home. If he can't influence you to do hurt to yourself, then he'll try to find someone else to do it for you. It is tragic that the most dangerous place to be these days spiritually is in a church. Christians are commanded by God in Jude 1:3 to “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” The need has never been greater for faithful Christians to earnestly contend for the faith in our apostate churches today! The average church doesn't preach against abortion anymore. That is wickedness!

Our churches are in sad shape today! If the churches don't fight against the abortion industry, then who will? We are at spiritual war with Satan and the Illuminati, yet the average believer gets bent out of shape over someone sitting in their seat at church. The average Christian today is easily offended, bickering over the smallest of matters, working against each other continually. I won't be a part of that, I'm trying to help people in the Lord. God pity this wicked, proudful and selfish nation. END

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 23 Comments [3/15/2015 9:27:50 AM]
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(regarding the new film "Get Smart")

boycott this filth. there is so much sexual innuendo that our young children do not need to see. the innuendo that he was looking up her skirt.

and dont even get me started on him kissing another guy at the end. that is disgusting and immoral.

pjmcguirk85, IMDB 47 Comments [6/25/2008 7:19:18 PM]
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Submitted By: spaceiswater123
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Your an idiot... spelled IDIOT!!!

When i was in school the jews BlTCHED about saying the pledge of allegiance to our country flag...

As for you and your darwinian stupidity...

Your a true moron... if you believe if darwins saga... then you bleieve in slavery... because your ancestors are in cages at the zoo...

So pick one idiot... slavery or god...

Wow_here we go again, Topix 54 Comments [4/27/2008 3:50:07 AM]
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Submitted By: Fek'lhr
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Dan Lietha, Answers in Genesis 55 Comments [11/5/2009 10:58:48 AM]
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[ Texas megachurch minister caught in Internet sex sting]

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.......sin is sin weather it be small or great.

If a Christian was involved in a ugly sin such as the one in this story and the rapture happened at the same instant would they be left behind?

We are not perfect just forgiven......and that means forgiven for any sin we ever committed and ...........all sins we will commit.

WindTalker, Rapture Ready 42 Comments [5/25/2008 3:11:03 AM]
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Submitted By: KatAutumn
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Very very bad example of evolution. The bacteria gets 'used' to the antibiotics and eventually becomes immune to it. Same concept as weight lifting. If you keep doing the same exercises over and over with no variation, your muscles will get used to the exercise and never increase. That and evolution is a process of gradual change over long periods of time, not a couple days in your school bio lab.

Magus55, Internet Infidels 5 Comments [3/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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This is so true. It is illegal to discriminate against homosexuals now. So says the SUPREME Court of the Land. To me, it means they can go after christians now.

Reminds me of the Nuremburg Trials of the judges who okayed the laws against the Jews. These are judges okaying immorality across this great country.

Woe to us. Woe to this once great country of God fearing peoples.

katiesmom07, RaptureReady 60 Comments [7/2/2013 3:21:46 AM]
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Submitted By: Nemo
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You need to know that Satan and evil spirits are very strategic. Jesus said in John 10:10a that it is the thief that comes to steal, kill, and to destroy. That is the goal of our spiritual enemies, but how they go about to accomplish that in a person’s life is very much planned out and strategic. Satan and evil spirits tempt a person in the weak areas of their life. Where do these weaknesses come from in a person’s life? There are many different ways that demons gain entrance into a person’s life: generational curses, evil soul-ties, doors of sin that you opened in your own life, or something that someone did to you, such as molestation, rape, abuse, rejection, and abandonment to name a few.

Generational curses trip many people up in life---including Christians. Simply put, generational curses are legal rights or open doors for demons to torment a person and a family line with a weakness to a specific sin or an infirmity until it is broken in the Name of Jesus. How is it that a Pastor of a mega-church falls into the sin of homosexuality? The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin and an abomination in the sight of God (Lev. 20:13; Romans 1:26-27). I can guarantee that a person that is homosexual has one of two things happening in their life or both. First, many times if you dig into the family history of a homosexual, you will find out that several family members had that same weakness in their life; a generational curse is present in the family line. Secondly, that individual was molested, raped, or abused, which caused them to turn to a perverted and sinful lifestyle. God loves the person, but He hates the sin and expects them to repent and seek spiritual help. Just because a generational curse is active in your life, you still have the ability to resist the sin. It is simply a legal right for the enemy to torment you in your life until it is broken in the Name of Jesus.

Pastor James Brandt, The Big Rapids Pioneer Newspaper 29 Comments [12/27/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Lillian
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The idea that a supreme being either always existed or came into existence at some point and then intelligently created the universe just makes more sense

An intelligently created universe fashioned by nothing....sorry no, odds are good someone you admire in your life is an atheist and believes this, or you grew up with family that thought you should believe in this. The idea that the universe magically popped into existence, MAGICALLY creating anything when it is not a living being and has no intelligence is just garbage fed to you by your professors/family members who are atheists and hate "god" because of something bad that happend in their life

sintygypsy, GameFAQs 30 Comments [10/6/2008 1:55:32 PM]
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Submitted By: Kreasana
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Americans have become soft and unfortunately so has the Christian church in America. We have so show some steel on our abs. We need to be bold in our witness, even if it means someone may be offended. If God is for us, who can be against us? Time is running short and many, many souls remain lost. We need to get cracking. We are fighting atheism, mormonism, Islam, Wicca, and a whole host of cults and false religions which make up the primary "ism" known as Satanism.

JY11, Rapture Ready 43 Comments [8/5/2008 12:36:51 AM]
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Submitted By: KatAutumn
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Quote# 3340

Also considering that I believe you are a homosexual atheist, I would be skeptical of your viewpoints on anything regarding being a political leader.

Grim Reaper, Christian Forums 4 Comments [6/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 82750

(In response to people asking how representatives of every species on Earth at the time could have fit into Noah's ark)


Seriously. Anyone who brings up "How did they fit all the species into the Ark?" demonstrates a gross ignorance towards history and science. The people you're criticizing are laughing at you, doubled over in pain because you don't know your Aristotles from your Aphrodites.

Species weren't classified yet.

Aristotle was the one who started the classification of what a species is, and he wasn't born yet.


And seriously, most of you guys asking this question say you believe in Evolution, and lord your alleged scientific understanding over us small-minded theists. But you don't even know the BASICS about science, biology, or history.


OrangeWizard, GameFAQs Religion Board 225 Comments [7/23/2011 9:06:45 AM]
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Submitted By: KNessJM
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Feminists and rebellious wives won't like God. God literally says... "Do it my way or else!" God is an extremely jealous God... and so is the godly husband. A man should be jealous over his wife, and desire to know her whereabouts at all times. In today's immoral society, a Christian husband should be concerned about whom his wife is associating wife. A Christian husband has a right to determine his wife's friends, and say "no," if she wants to get into a car with another man for a seemingly innocent ride to church, etc. A husband should never allow his wife to be alone with another man, for any reason, and should get upset if she does. This is what jealous husbands, who love their wives, do. The false idea that love equals trust is Satanic. Many parents foolishly think they are loving their teens by "trusting them." Well, the Columbine parents found out the hard way that teens shouldn't be trusted. Trust must be earned! No husband should trust his wife to be alone with the opposite sex, and vise versa. This is good sense. I realize that most people today laugh at such moral standards, but that is to be expected in a society that flocks to SIN CITY Las Vegas to indulge in wickedness.

David J. Stewart, jesus-is-savior.com 73 Comments [12/2/2007 4:36:39 PM]
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Submitted By: Charlie
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Quote# 40724

Dear friends,

Now that California has kicked up a foul same-sex marriage stink so rank that it’s attracting maggots from all over the world - you two are caterwauling like a tree full of howler monkeys about getting “married” to your own filthy partners in shame. Well, now, if it’s so wonderful, why are you two hiding the time, date and place of those glorious affairs from Westboro Baptist Church? You are glorying in your shame. Phil. 3:19. God has given you a bully pulpit and a bullhorn by virtue of your celebrity status; but rather than use it to spread a little truth and decency for young America - you are doing the opposite, spreading Satan’s filthy fag lies and immorality. You are bound, irreversibly, for Hell. WBC wants to use your farcical, unholy “weddings” to counteract your lies with a little Gospel truth. We plan to picket you! Please tell us the date, time, and place of your blasphemous affairs.

Westboro Baptist Church, Westboro Baptist Church website 93 Comments [6/10/2008 9:23:51 PM]
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Submitted By: Bill O'Rly
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Quote# 3117

Don't sweat it though - the entire rap community will eventually kill themselves all off. They are interested in nothing but money anyway. Greedy group of vulchers.

KeysforChrist, Christian Forums 3 Comments [6/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 15133

How has Pres. Bush degraded our country?? He's stood up for what was right on numerous occasions very unlike former Pres. Clinton who was arrogant and self-seeking. He spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars on vacations during his term. And in a place of a authority, an affair is not a "personal matter." He is representing the United States. I would be afraid to see what Clinton would have done after September 11th and I'm glad that we have a President who puts America's needs first and not the United Nonsense(oops, I mean Nations) [eyeroll smiley]

No offense, but I think you are the one who needs to do your research...

Clinton degraded our country, and Bush has given us a country to be proud of.

kevinmiller, Teens-4-Christ 50 Comments [9/19/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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