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Quote# 114477

Bombing and Shooting at French Rock Concert is a Grandiose Arch Zionist Hoax

With revelations thanks to our posters.

It truly is a Zionist-controlled world demonstrated by the fact that so many people could participate in a fake, that is the fake death and injury of hundreds of people, and yet the world is led to believe it. This is the most ludicrous arch-fake of all, make no mistake about it. Nothing in regard to the claims of this fake is real.

What a terminally corrupt hoax it is, all occurring at a ‘death metal’ concert. No one can find it plausible. The French should leave such arch-fabrications to the Israelis. At least they make the fake blood appear more realistic. With that much bleeding going on, why isn’t this man rendered supine?

There are no open wounds to be seen anywhere. There is no legitimate source for the red matter. This is a hoax to the extreme. Who can prove otherwise?

That red matter was painted and dabbed on by an arch-fabricating moulage mole. And what a poor job of realism that mole performed. Furthermore, the cell phone is a key prop in this arch-phony, as it was in Sandy Hoax and a litany of other ridiculous fakes. So are various falsifying good Samaritans, who are performing heroic acts which are fully staged.

drkresearch, No Disinfo 5 Comments [11/18/2015 4:01:22 AM]
Fundie Index: 1

Quote# 114449

The Fake Car Attacks of the Treacherous Arch Zionist Crime Syndicate

Make no mistake about it among the litany of terminally corrupt fakes committed by the arch-Zionist cabal are the fake car attacks attributed to Palestinians. Is there any proof even to the slightest degree that the Israeli-made claims are true, in other words, that unsuspecting, defenseless Israelis were attacked by Palestinian-driven cars or, alternatively, attacked while they were in their cars by Palestinians.

Yet, it is said:

Three Israeli soldiers were wounded — two of them seriously — when a Palestinian terrorist plowed his car into them as they stood at a hitchhiking post in the northern West Bank on Thursday afternoon.

The car is turned upside down. How could a mere strike against a few men in the middle of the road cause a car to overturn? It would be the first time in history that it would do so.

Regardless, it is easy to see it is a phony. The people of resistance should not buy into this. The Zionists want them to believe it, so they might act wildly and begin copy-cat attacks against these criminals. Then, they would be caught in the act, and the Zionists would use this to advance their criminal enterprise.

Here is hard proof of the fake:

See what the Zionist is doing? He is staging it for show: for a mere camera-shoot. Who finds it plausible that there is a man hunkered down under the weight of that car, that is without having his neck broken and far more? Can anyone believe it? There is a stretcher, there, and the Zionist is pointing a gun at the car? In a billion years it could not possibly be true.

drkresearch, No Disinfo 6 Comments [11/15/2015 4:45:21 PM]
Fundie Index: 0

Quote# 114433

You mean like the 2003 U.S. invasion that led to 1 million Iraqis being killed, that kind of genocide. And please, spare me more Western hypocrisy and lies. We all know who is funding and arming ISISrael, Al CIAda and Al Nursra.

We all heard McCain say "Well, you know, we should do what we did in Afghanistan, arm the terrorists to be able to shoot down Russian planes". The Zionist states of America is 100% Jew owned and they are just the lackey poodles of Zionist colonialism in the Middle East. Satanyahu Terrorwitz just demanded the U.S. give the ZIONAZIS $50BN dollars!!

The Russians have completely exposed the lies and falsehood of American propaganda of "fighting' ISISrael. Russia has done more damage to ISISrael in eight weeks of intense bombing than the whole four years!!! that the U.S pretended to "fight" ISISrael.

shlomofekstain, Yahoo! Comments 6 Comments [11/15/2015 5:07:50 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Yuu

Quote# 114383

The missile that was fired off the coast of California this last weekend WAS NOT fired from an American submarine.

There are reports that this missile was fired by China, but I, personally, feel it might have been fired from a Russian sub. The reason for it being Russian is because of the air-liner that went down in the Sinai, and "landed" near an area where U.S. and Israeli troops were having "drills" that included missiles being fired (there is also speculation of some sort of "sound beam" being tested).

Putin knows who dropped that air-liner, and it WASN'T ISIS. As a warning (my opinion only), Putin had one of his subs off the coast of California (that have been there for months now) fire a missile. Again, this is all part of the script, as the worlds leaders bring in the New World dis-Order...minus a few hundred million Christians and Jews.

The big question that we should be asking is this: "Where was this missile headed"?

Is it possible that when the missile reached its pinnacle, that it released something into the atmosphere??

We'll know pretty soon.

wild bill hick-up, Give Me Gossip 6 Comments [11/13/2015 12:21:28 PM]
Fundie Index: 0

Quote# 114378

Soon General Hossam Sweilam, a former general and head of a military think tank, explains fourth- and fifth-generation warfare. The theory, which has been a mainstay of Russian military thought, seeks to explain that warfare has evolved beyond traditional armies to rely on proxies, psyops, and misinformation as the primary weapons.

Men in uniform—police and army included—purport that the uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak and has led to instability ever since was caused by American-funded groups and media, in cooperation with Israel, Qatar, and Iran. The conspirators vary based on who is speaking.

Sweilam says America utilized fourth-generation tactics, funding the April 6 Youth Movement, a key organizer during the uprising against Mubarak, and the Muslim Brotherhood to sow sectarian conflict and social unrest.

Fifth-generation warfare takes that one step further. This is where the weather machines come in.

Sweilam, the former head of an Egyptian military think tank, speaks about HAARP, a now-defunct program to study the ionosphere, touting it as a weather-changing machine.

“America used another means to disturb Egypt by using fifth-generation weapons,” Sweilam told The Daily Beast. “[The U.S. government creates things] like exciting volcanoes, earthquakes, and starting fires in some Egyptian villages in the south by using electromagnetic pulses from HAARP system to destroy the Bab al-Mandeb, which is important for the Suez Canal.”

Sweilam points to lyrics by Army of the Pharaohs, a hip hop group formed by an MC from Jedi Mind Tricks, as proof of the conspiracy. For added cohesiveness, he points out that Jedi is another word for Jewish.

General Hossam Sweilam, The Daily Beast 4 Comments [11/13/2015 10:52:33 AM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 114248

Pope covers the Cross & bows to a Jew

On September 3, 2015, Pope Francis received at the Vatican Reuven Rivlin, President of Israel, accompanied by his personal secretary Rivkah Ravitz. When the moment came to present the latter to Francis, Ravitz affirmed that, for religious reasons, she could not shake his hand or bow to him since he was wearing a Cross.

In reply, Francis covered his pectoral Cross and bowed to her, as a way of saying that he did not care as much about his own religion as she did about Judaism.

So, the Vicar of Christ, instead of giving public testimony of Christ, hides Him and pays homage to Judaism, which is a religion built upon the denial that Our Lord Jesus Christ is God and the true Messiah, who fulfilled all the promises of the Patriarchs and Prophets of the Old Testament.

In a single gesture, thus, the entire apostasy of the Popes of Vatican II is expressed.

Atila Sinke Guimarães, Tradition in Action 17 Comments [11/8/2015 4:48:38 AM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: TimeToTurn

Quote# 114230

Re: What is your reason for opposing the new world order?

My reasons are because I am in control of my own life and my own destiny. I am self-determinant and will not willingly submit to anyone or any power. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Here is something I wrote a few months ago expressing my loathing for the NWO:

As we near the precipice - moving ever closer to the end when far too many events converge to ignore - I find myself emboldened to collect my thoughts and write them out for all to see.

A person would have to be a total fool to think that there is any such thing as privacy in this age, and that even though I have done all I know to do (within legality) to protect my own privacy, I know full well that every single keystroke I perform on my computer is logged, recorded, analyzed, categorized, stored, and will most likely be used against me at some point in the future. Whether the man behind the curtain is some paid lackey of the NSA or even some more nefarious organization, I cannot say, but I know it's occurring. I'm too old, too sick, too broke, and too fed up with the state of the world to care any longer what consequence may result from the things I am about to say here. I have nothing left to lose. I have nothing in this world I care about - hence, you have no power over me to coerce or manipulate me.

You and your ilk have worked behind the scenes for thousands of years to enact your grand plan for the world - your New World Order. Your machinations have included the fomenting of wars, famines, genocides. You've treated the planet and it's inhabitants as pieces in some perverse chess game - all because you felt yourselves to be superior, better, more "enlightened" than the rest of us. It would take a lifetime to list your crimes against humanity, but a few highlights of your meddling include:

You provoked, financed, and played both sides of the French Revolution. You're responsible for the October Revolution in Russia, the downfall of the Ottoman Empire, the Spanish Inquisition. You're behind the Knights Templar as well as the Jesuits, Opus Dei and many other groups. You're an insidious multi-tentacled beast who has and continues to pull the strings across every group around the globe.

You're responsible for WWI, WWII, and have designs on WWIII - all from the writings of Albert Pike (a known Luciferian, Confederate war criminal, and 33rd degree Mason of the Scottish Rite). Not only did you provoke WWII and the rise of Hitler, but you financed him through the Bush family (Prescott Bush), all the while playing as though you condemned his actions as he marched across Europe.

False flag after false flag are your creations. The burning of the Reichstag in Germany - yours. The bombing of the USS Liberty during the Vietnam War by Israeli planes and blamed on the North Vietnamese - yours. The destruction Buildings 1, 2, and 7 of the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 - yours. The Sandy Hook school shooting - yours. The Boston Marathon bombing - yours. Hegelian Dialectic - problem, reaction, solution is your tool to invoke emotions form people and drive popular opinion. Your game is old, trite, and there are more and more of us every day who can see through your facade and will expose you wherever and whenever we can.

You're responsible for the creation of the Federal Reserve in the US - an illegal institution designed to enslave not only the citizens of the US, but eventually to control the economy across the globe.

You pick Presidents, Prime Ministers, Popes, Princes - and you do so surreptitiously to give the common man the illusion of "choice", when in fact we have no choice whatsoever.

You've corrupted religions from the time of the ancient Egyptians. From the Jewish Talmud (which is nothing more than a re-hash of the Babylonian religion), to the influence and eventual total control of Christianity through the Roman Catholic Church, to the Protestant Reformation and the teaching of false doctrines like a pre-tribulation rapture, to the creation of Islam in order to build yourselves a new player on the game board that you could pit against Christians and Jews. It is YOU who are responsible for the formation of "terrorist" organizations such as Hamas, the PLO, Al-Queida, ISIS - and all of them are lies meant to incite fear in the populous to get them to fall in line with your grander designs.

You are responsible for the moral decay of society through your influence of media and information. You control the education systems of the world. You write the textbooks used in classrooms. You own all the media outlets (TV, newspapers, websites, etc.). You are the ones to push the idea of the "nuclear family", thereby destroying the multi-generational households that served so well for so long. You're the ones behind the scenes pushing the LGBT agenda.

You do all of these things and more - and why? Is it because you really consider yourselves to be superior to the rest of the people on this planet - we whom you call "sheeple" or "useless eaters"? What makes you superior? Ancestry? Lineage? My ancestry, my lineage is far more prestigious than any of yours. My mother, rest her soul, was diligent and dutiful in tracing my family's ancestry further back in history than most of you could fathom. Verified, documented, cross-checked and referenced through multiple sources including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as well as the British Royal Genealogy Society - blood flows in my veins in a direct line from Edward I of England (ruled from 1272 to 1307 A.D.) on my Father's side, and further back to the year 704 A.D. in Rome on my Mother's side.

I've often asked myself what is the "end game" you wish to play out? Is it merely the totalitarian control of the planet, it's resources, it's people under a one-world government with a single leader at the helm? Is it something more sinister? There is far too much evidence to ignore that you appear to want to actually bring about the "end of days" - Your selection of Pope Francis (who fulfills the prophecy of St. Malachy as the 112th Pope named "Peter the Roman" with his Satanic throne in St. Peter's Basilica), and his blasphemous statements attest to this theory. What role do you hope the "messiah" as recognized by the late Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri who said before his death that the "messiah" would arrive in the Jewish calendar year 5776 (2015 on the Gregorian calendar) will play in your game?. Why is the Temple Institute in Jerusalem preparing to build the third temple, going so far as to gather all the temple artifacts, build the sacrificial altar, and search the world for the unblemished red heifer who will be sacrificed and whose ashes will cleanse the altar before regular animal sacrifices are to resume?

Do you truly wish to trigger the events in the the book of The Revelation of St. John The Divine? Have you not read it? Spoiler alert - your side loses, badly. If I am alive in this point in history to witness the end of days, then so be it.

Why do you suppress technologies that could actually benefit mankind? Are you scared of losing what tenuous grip of power you actually hold? What gives you the right to decide we as a species aren't ready to learn the truth about our hidden history? Why do you suppress the fact that our current civilization is only the latest incarnation of human upon this planet to reach a technological state? Why do you lie to all of us regarding archeology and tell us lies about the age of our civilization and hide that once, many tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago our ancestors had in fact colonized most of the solar system? Why do you lie to us about what is actually in space? Why do you hide from us that there is in fact extremely ancient, albeit still extremely advanced technology all over the moon, Mars, and many other bodies in our solar system? Just how cowardly are you - just how afraid are you of us learning the truth and coming after you en mass to seize you and try you for your crimes against humanity?

The above are merely a smattering of events and oddities that illustrate that there are, in fact, some very evil, very malicious, very depraved and mentally ill "people" running the world from behind the shadows. What can I or anyone do about it?

I'm opting out. Fuck your plans. Fuck your designs for the world. Fuck your multi-millennial machinations. Fuck your control systems. Fuck your surveillance grids. Fuck your control over information to keep the rest of us ignorant. Fuck your poisoning of our food supplies, water supplies, medicines. Fuck your Council on Foreign Relations, your Tri-Lateral Commission, your Bohemian Grove, your G8/G5/G20/G-I don't give a fuck meetings. Fuck your Bilderberg Group. Fuck your United Nations. Fuck your secrets. Fuck you. Period.

I for one will never capitulate to your plans. I never accepted your social programming, nor will I ever. I'll never be your debt slave. Whatever monies I owe you, you'll never collect from me. Whatever expectations your plans had for me will wither and die upon the vine. I cannot be influenced by the "pleasures of this world" - I've no need to fuel your plans or your thirst for negative energies by following the societal norms which were laid out for me decades ago. I'm not a fornicator. I'll not produce a new generation of slave for you to abuse throughout their lives.

I am your enemy. If we are to do battle, then let us get to it.

Anonymous Gossiper, Give Me Gossip 18 Comments [11/7/2015 5:14:08 AM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 114224

Rebbitzin Tzviya Eliyahu is the the widow of the late Sefardi Chief Rabbi of Israel Mordechai Eliyahu and the mother of the Chief Rabbi of Sefat Shmuel Eliyahu.

Her son Shmuel is a noted racist.

Her late husband Mordechai was a terrorist who was convicted and jailed as a young man for trying to overthrow the elected Government of Israel by force and replace it with a theocracy. He was eventually pardoned, released years early from prison, and later rose to become Chief Rabbi of Israel –all despite being completely unrepentant.

Recently, Tzviya Eliyahu said publicly that she believes any store or restaurant that has Arab employees should not be given hashgacha (a kosher supervision seal), Yeshiva World reported. She reportedly said that in part because of this issue, she only eats home cooked food, and will not eat at events or on planes.

“We took fruit and crackers along when we traveled” she said of her travels with her late husband.

They did that because her late husband was extremely stringent and did not eat anywhere [but their home]. He would only eat pita bread baked by the Nehama Bakery because the it did not employ Arabs, who he considered dirty.

“[My husband saw how Arab workers] would wipe their noses and this too was in the [pita] dough. He ran home immediately and never returned [to an unnamed bakery] and told me ‘Rabbanit, you are never to buy from this bakery again, simple as that,’” she said.

On another occasion, a woman who worked in a famous bakery came to her and said she saw Arabs make dough and then drag it along the floor of the kitchen.

“I was the only one there who saw this. I told you not to eat a thing from this bakery for this is what the Arabs do. Look at the evil, look at the hate. They do this out of hate,” the woman allegedly said.

Tzviya Eliyahu insisted Jews should only buy food from God-fearing Jews. There is no trusting a goy [an often derogatory term for a non-Jew], “even in his grave,” she said, because all goyyim all hate Jews and a goy “cannot maintain kosher standards for me. Don’t ask me why the [state] Rabbinate gives hashgacha [kosher supervision] to these stores [that employ Arabs]. On the days the rabbis come around to check [the bakeries and restaurants] they [the Arab workers] do not do such things [and instead act] as if they care [about their jobs and keeping the food kosher and safe to eat].”

Of course, when buying fish or meat, Jews must be even more stringent, Mrs. Eliyahu said.

“Certainly one must only buy from a trustworthy Jew. The rav [her late husband] only ate poultry that was kosher slaughtered here at home in my kitchen. The rav checked the chicken [himself] to make sure it was okay as well as checking the knife before shechita. We did the salting and soaking here too. The children and grandchildren saw the chickens running around before shechita. One explained he no longer wanted to eat poultry. It was a real nuthouse in the kitchen once, when we [did not have] chicken for three months. Our shochet [kosher slaughterer; the only kosher slaughterer Mordechai Eliyahu trusted] traveled abroad every few months and we had just run out of chicken [when he left]. So we did without. Either a person lives by his principles or not. Either one has fear of God or not…”

Even so, when Eliyahu was Chief Rabbi of Israel, the Chief Rabbinate put its seal on hundreds of kosher products, including chicken, that the chief rabbi himself would not eat or allow his family to eat.

Rebbitzin Tzviya Eliyahu, Failed Messiah 14 Comments [11/6/2015 7:48:21 PM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 114216

WELCOME TO THE MIDDLE EAST…a seething pot for Jews to p-is-s in.

For with Israel’s long-standing ties and support of the Kurds pushing for a Greater Kurdistan, Jews get their Greater Israel vis-a-vis the balkanization of the Middle East, resulting in a depleted, fragmented Syria.

To be sure, if any US troops embedded with the “opposition” are killed during Syrian and Russian operations, Jewmerica will blame Russia as a pretext for a military showdown.

Jews fear Christian Russia and will use the spilled blood of every last US soldier to destroy it.

fogel, Al Jazeera English 7 Comments [11/6/2015 4:00:27 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: TimeToTurn

Quote# 114182

Why should God require us to worship him?

Is worship degrading?

Some people object that worship is degrading and therefore God shouldn't require it. Yet what is worship? Worship is not groveling before God, nor is it performing meaningless rituals. God hates hypocrisy and insincere worship (Hos 6:6, Is 1:11-17). What God does tell us to do is to love him (Mt 22:35-40). Loving God includes praising him, thanking him and obeying him (1 Jn 5:3). If God is perfect, then he deserves praise, and his commands are good commands that should be obeyed. Worshiping God is not degrading to us, but actually benefits us:

Worshiping God fulfills us and makes us happy. We like to see that a person's goodness is acknowledged and rewarded; praising God gives his followers the same satisfaction.
Worshiping God puts us into the proper relationship with him, in the sense that we are acknowledging that he is God and deserves worship, and doing what he wants us to do. (Being completely right with God requires more than worship - see The Four Spiritual Laws.) This allows us to have a closer and more fulfilling relationship with God (see Do people need God? for more on the benefits of knowing God).
By worshiping God, we acknowledge his perfection, which is the first step in learning from him: we realize he's a perfect teacher, and then we are willing for him to teach us and increase our wisdom and morality.
Publicly expressed worship is one way that people find out who God is. When they come to know God, they too will find fulfillment and grow into better people, which benefits not only them but society at large.

Is God vain?

Some people object that God doesn't merely accept worship, he demands it. They picture God as an egotistical or even insecure tyrant who insists that everyone tell him how great he is. This is not an accurate portrayal, for God's command to us is, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength" (Dt 6:5), not "Tell me five times a day how wonderful I am." Worship is included as part of God's command to love him, for it's a proper expression of our love for someone who is perfect and so much above us in every way. If it's fitting for us to praise our friends and family when they do well, how much more appropriate it is for us to praise a perfect God! When we love God and realize how awesome he is, worship and praise are natural results.

God's instruction to worship him is only a demand in the sense that God's other moral laws are demands. God doesn't command us not to murder because he's a dictator, but because it's morally right (and therefore ultimately in our best interests). Similarly, God tells us to worship him because it's the proper way for us to relate to him and because it's to our benefit to do so (see above).

Something else to consider: If God were vain, one would think that he would want pictures and statues of him everywhere, yet he commanded that no one make images of him. Instead, he told the Israelites to keep copies of his commands everywhere (Dt 6:6-9), so that they would remember them and obey them and receive blessings as a result (Dt 6:18).

Why does God insist we worship only him?

Another objection is that it's unreasonable for God to demand that we worship him alone and no one else. Yet this too is for our benefit:

They pour out drink offerings to other gods to provoke me to anger. But am I the one they are provoking? declares the LORD. Are they not rather harming themselves, to their own shame? (Jer 7:18-19)

If Christianity is true, then the Christian God really is the only God, and praying to another god is praying to someone who doesn't exist. Not only is that counterproductive, it's harmful: the person who does so is ignoring the help and advice that God is willing to give him, and is instead seeking help from a nonexistent deity. At best, he will receive no benefit from the false god, and will have damaged his relationship with the true God (for praying to a false god is really saying to God, "I don't trust you to answer me or help me, so I'm going to seek help from another source," and also, "I don't believe you when you say you're the only God; your words aren't trustworthy"). At worst, praying to a false god allows him to be deceived - for instance, he may fool himself into thinking that the false god has given him permission to do something evil.

On the other hand, if we worship the true God, we receive all the benefits of a relationship with God, including his love, forgiveness and guidance. It follows that a trustworthy God who wants the best for us would instruct us to worship him and be upset if we didn't.

India Fultz, Rational Christianity 19 Comments [11/5/2015 4:56:30 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
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