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Quote# 120990

I started out talking about Razib Khan, who immigrated with his family from Bangladesh. Then I ranted about the folly of permitting mass Muslim immigration. So … should we have let Razib in? Now that he's in, should we expel him?

Here's where the particular collides with the general. It happens a lot.

It happens with blacks, for example. I talk and write a lot about the wrong-headedness, the scientific illiteracy of pretending that there are no statistical differences between the continental races in behavior, intelligence, and personality. Of course there are. If you deny that, you just end up with bad, dumb social policies and masses of wasted public money from trying to, for example, close racial gaps in academic achievement, or get more black policemen and firefighters by lowering entry standards to those professions.

So, people ask me, what about so-and-so (naming some smart, capable, socially useful black person)? Are you down on him, too?

Of course not. I'm not down on anybody. Of course I know there are smart, capable, decent blacks. Who doesn't know it? I had dinner with one a couple of weeks ago. I just think reality is better than fantasy and truth is better than lies; and if you base social policy on fantasy and lies, nothing good will come of it. That's all.

Same with immigration. It's about numbers. Would I care if we let 1,000 Mexicans settle in the U.S.A. every year, after being properly vetted? No, I wouldn't care at all. A thousand Nigerians? A thousand Muslims? A thousand Chinese? Same answer. With numbers at that level, we could do proper background checking before issuing visas, and in-country supervision once people got here, without compromising the freedom of our citizens. No problem.

But … One point six million Muslims? Three and a half million Chinese? Thirty-five million Mexicans? These numbers are beyond anything we can properly vet, manage, or supervise.

I say again: It's a question of how you salt your stew. It's numbers, numbers.

Do I want to expel Razib back to Bangladesh? No: but I do want to stop further Muslim immigration, and indeed mass immigration altogether. With sane policies and a bit of luck, we might be able to absorb the numbers we've already got, but to go on importing people at the current rate is lunacy. If we can't absorb any particular group, we can do what the Israelis do and bribe them to leave — buy out their citizenship if necessary.

John Derbyshire, VDARE 19 Comments [8/7/2016 3:13:06 PM]
Fundie Index: 12

Quote# 120962

David Blomstrom, a fringe candidate in the race for Governor in Washington, runs an antisemitic website which accuses Jews of operating a “Jewish mafia”.

On Blomstrom’s website, titled “Jewarchy”, he writes about a “Jewish mafia” which operates across politics, banking and the media, and who “prefer to keep it that way” by not sharing any power with non-Jews – all this in an article titled “Logic vs JewSpeak”. In another article he states that “some of the most sinister Jew rumours are indeed true”, going on to say that both World Wars were part of a plot by the “international Jewry” to create the State of Israel.

The website’s logo features a crossed-out Star of David.

He has demonstrated a willingness to blame anything and everything on Jews, stating that “Jews have played an enormous role in screwing Latin America” and asking “Did you know Christopher Columbus was probably a Jew?”

He also penned an article on a website dedicated to the defamation of Elie Wiesel, where he wrote of “Elie Wiesel’s connections to Bernie Madoff”, implying that the two were in league with one another, despite the fact that Madoff stole millions from the Elie Wiesel Foundation. He also describes Elie Wiesel as “perhaps the most popular poster boy for the Holohoax camp”. Elsewhere he states his annoyance at “Obama giving millions to wealthy alleged Holocaust survivors” (my italics).

David Blomstrom, Everyday Antisemitism 8 Comments [8/6/2016 7:27:37 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 120946

I saw last week reports about this being the second anniversary of the MH17 fiasco over Ukraine that the US is still stupidly trying to blame the Russian Federation for their arrogant false flag attack.... And these reports are still calling the MH17 a "mystery" when it is no mystery at all... For those who still do not get it, the fateful flight of MH17 was in fact that final flight of the long "missing" MH370 that was flown out of Malaysia and secretly flown directly to the US military base at Diego Garcia.... From Diego Garcia, the now repainted and relabeled MH370 Boeing 777ER was flown with other military aircraft to the United States where it was decided to have it sent as a flying bomb to destroy the delegation gathered in March 2014 in The Hague Netherlands to discuss the Iranian "crisis" situation... Luckily the Dutch did indeed intercept this flying missile and it was diverted to a base in Europe. It was then decided by the Jewish power elite that the MH370 aircraft would be used as a false flag attack to blame Russia and it was conveniently flown out as MH17 with the long dead bodies from the original MH370 flight taken out of cold storage and reloaded into the aircraft... But everything went awry with the MH17 flight and even after the Ukrainian airforce on cue blew this robotic aircraft out of the sky over Ukraine, every shred of evidence gathered from the wreckage including the already rotting bodies on board showed that it was indeed the last flight of MH370! How anyone cannot see the link between MH370 and MH17 is beyond me..... There is no riddle at all, for MH17 does indeed equal MH370!

Well, there you have it... I have indeed tried to cover as much of what I have missed over the last 11 days as possible... And for those issues that I may have not covered in full, I will touch on them here in what I usually call my "last minute tidbits"..... What the hell is the US trying to pull now in the South China Sea? Poking China to try to get a nice little war going over some small islands that they have no business in what so ever, and now I see that even the French are getting involved? Yes, the US is desperately trying to get a war going just to save itself from economic disaster.... I saw a report today that a US spy surveillance aircraft had to make an "emergency landing" in the Russian Federation? Honestly, I do not know what Barry Soetoro is trying to do now, but this "landing" in Russia stinks to high heaven.....The daughter of Mossad agent Richard Gutjahr was ALSO in Munich during that phoney "Mac attack"? How convenient is that? And again is glaring evidence that this attack as well as Nice were indeed conceived and run by the Mossad.......Israel is now wanting to further seize more territory in southern Syria under the lie that they need it for "security"? Bad enough they have illegally seized the Golan Heights, but it is so obvious now that since Assad is winning his war to gain his country back, Israel will now try to create their "Greater Israel" by other methods......Not sure about the "attack" in Japan, but that looks and stinks like a set up like all the other false flag attacks. And yes these false flag events will continue until either the people stupidly surrender their guns and their freedoms or they wake the hell up!..... Let me get this straight: A busker and activist living in Jasper Alberta, Monika Shaefer, is being attacked by the Jewish pricks that control Canada for questioning their so called "Holocaust"? I have many questions for these pricks including their numbers of deaths and their claims of "gassings" during that so called "Holocaust", but that could take up most of this rant, and I have not the time for their arrogance and stupidity. Honestly, anyone with any logic can see the flaws in the "Holocaust" religion, but as usual Canadians are muzzled from questioning and even research thanks to the draconian and fraudulent "hate crimes" here. Yes, truth never needs laws to support itself, only lies do........For those that want to know, Banff and Lake Louise are not cheap and most activities were absolutely ridiculously expensive. Yes, I did go up the Sulfur Mountain Gondola ride in Banff, but that was $44 Canadian per person for the round trip ride to the top of the mountain! A rip off by all accounts, but considering how many people in Banff were willing to fork over their money so willingly for the experience, I do wonder...... Someone asked if I saw any wild animals at all in Banff National Park, and honestly I saw NONE. But again that makes sense when you consider that most wild animals will stay clear of any humans (they can smell us for miles...), and there were thousands of tourists everywhere I went in that park.....I see the criminal Rothschild empire private army called "NATO"'s build up in eastern Europe is still going on at a rapid pace. It still shocks me that people are gullibly believing their government's and of course the Jew spew media's outright lies that the Russian Federation is somehow a "threat" and could "invade Poland" in an instant without actually looking at the facts. The facts are simple in that Russia is not threatening anyone and the real pricks here are NATO themselves that are wanting this war with Russia for their Jewish masters to avoid economic disaster and the people turning on them. It is my hope that people do wake up in time and stop this madness before World War III and the end of the world that we know it becomes a reality........ NO need here to put up anything about the Kardashians in this rant for Killary the Kackling, Killer, Kommie Kanckled, Krazy, Kooky, Kike, Kunt, Klinton, has done enough this week to make everyone with any intelligence sick to their stomachs. The hard part to swallow is that there are still some 10% of the American people still gullible enough to actually vote for this satanic demonic creature?

NTS, Northern Truth Seeker 5 Comments [8/6/2016 5:47:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 2

Quote# 120882

Santa's a Demon! The Uncomfortable Truth About Christmas.

Chemosh: A god of the ancient world. First noted in Babylon, but also known throughout the world in different fForms and under different names.

Chemosh was represented as a huge cast iron statue in the shape of a person seated high on a throne with a large pot belly. Its hands were extended as if ready to receive something. It was known as the god of prosperity.

The people in ancient times would make a list of all the things they wanted Chemosh to do for them in the upcoming year. Then on a certain day of the year, during the Winter solstice of December 25th, they would line up with their children in hand, along with the list of things they had made.

Chemosh being made of cast iron would be heated up until the iron was so hot that it turned cherry red. And those who were seeking prosperity in the upcoming year would take their babies and small children and place them into the burning hot hands of the idol statue as an offering of prosperity in the upcoming season, burning their children alive until nothing remained except charred ashes. The ashes were then buried along in cemeteries.

Amidst the hideous stench of burning flesh, and as screams and cries of hundreds of babies pierced the night air, the people in the ancient world celebrated their gods of prosperity. This practice was known in the bible as making your child pass through the fire. It was ritual child sacrifice: absolutely forbidden by the God of Israel and highly detested by him.

Burial sites for the bones and ashes of sacrificed children have been unearthed. These places were known as a Tophet, after the location of Israel where ritual child sacrifice was also practiced, during times when Israel abandoned the exclusive worship of God. Mentioned in Jeremiah 7:31-34

Fast forward to this holiday season. The pagan god of Chemosh has gone through many transformations and changes over the centuries. But the basic premise has survived to this day.

Right now in malls across America, parents are taking their young children and babies, marching them right up to another large potbellied person seated high on a throne, whose appearance is cherry red. And they will offer their children to this person, sitting them on his lap or placing them into his arms; just like their ancestors did thousands of years ago.

Their children will be asked to share their 'list' of things they want this large potbellied 'god' to do for them. And just to make sure the experience is cemented in their minds: pictures will be taken creating fond memories in the years ahead.

If this isn't bad enough for you: wait! There's more!

We also know from scripture that behind every pagan idol there exists and actual demon. "The sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons." [1 Corinthians 10:20]

Chemosh was no exception. There was a demon behind it too: and this bloodthirsty, despicable demon is known by the name of Krampus. In pre-Christian Germany and throughout other parts of Europe, Krampus was known as the horned god of witches.

Remember all those tales from back in the day like Hansel and Gretel, of witches kidnapping children and eating them? The god that witches serve is the same god as Chemosh! It's the pagan god of witches! They just dropped the statue and now deal directly with the demonic spirit behind it, known today as Krampus.

In old European lore, it was believed that every year Krampus would go searching for all the kids who've been naughty or nice that year. The nice ones he would leave alone: but the naughty children were his to take away and lead away to certain death. This is where the root of the whole 'He's making a list, and checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty or nice' really comes from. Krampus is the real spirit behind your modern day Santa Claus.

And every year clueless parents (even Christians!) take their children to sit on this demonic figure's lap!

This is the true tradition of where Santa Claus, aka Chemosh, aka Krampus comes from. Hey, don't hate the messenger! It blew my mind when I found out too. The cast iron potbellied statue where babies were once sacrificed in its red hot arms has now been replaced by the arms of jolly old Santa, dressed in a red uniform. Santa Claus is basically Chemosh and Krampus, remixed and reloaded.

So this Christmas season, as you're marching your screaming kid up to 'Chemosh' to be seated on his lap, ask yourself: where DID this stuff come from? And if you really don't know, instead of cursing Mack under your breath and calling me the Grinch who stole Christmas... why not educate yourself instead?

Let's put our thinking caps on here. EVERYTHING about Santa Claus is occult; even though those who did his modern repackaging tried their best to hide this. But they didn't do a good job. Just follow the clues:

• We have a 'man' with god-like powers.
• He knows everything there is to know about every child on Earth. (It's actually kinda creepy that a grown man has a fixation on kids in the first place.)
• He has the power to judge your kid, whether it's been naughty or nice.
• He lives in a mythical land somewhere near the North Pole: believed to be where the opening for Middle Earth (Hollow Earth) is located. Middle Earth is the world of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogies.
• He also has a bunch of "elves" that assist him in his work. Elves are elemental earth demons used for invoking magic in witchcraft.
• He has a team of 'horned' reindeer that fly him through the night on his "magic" sled. Cernunnos was the Celtic name given for the horned god of witchcraft. Under that name he's usually depicted with reindeer antlers. And in the Finnish version, Santa road a goat.
• He flies through the air... can someone say "Prince of the power of the air..."
• And he enters your home by sneaking down your chimney late at night, during witching hour (roughly between midnight and 3am); and he enters through your fireplace. That's weird: he's not phased by flaming hot fire?

Christians need to be aware that there's nothing 'Christian' about this whole Santa Claus fairytale.

And the roots of Christmas are actually horrific. You might be thinking that you're making your children's holidays memorable: but use your common sense here.

When you mix Jesus Christ with a mythological person, you automatically seed into your child's mind that Jesus could be a myth too. It's a subconscious connection that can easily be made by someone who finally comes of age. "Well, if my parents lied about Santa Claus, what else have they been lying to me about? Maybe this Jesus isn't real after all!"

See how that works? There are enough challenges to a life of faith in this world without being handicapped by one's own parents. Teach your kid the TRUTH about the holidays, not the myths. And don't be afraid to not celebrate Christmas. That doesn't make you any less of a Christian if you choose not to. Look on the bright side: you may actually save some money going into the new year!

Mack Major, Eden Decoded 26 Comments [8/2/2016 3:18:16 AM]
Fundie Index: 15

Quote# 120868

A Manhattan attorney has posted several pieces of antisemitic content on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Rahul Manchanda, who describes himself as having “worked for one of the largest law firms in Manhattan”, posted that Angela Merkel was “controlled by Hardcore Zionist Jews Rothschilds/Soros w NATO” who he accused of having engineered the migrant crisis. This is a typical example of an antisemitic conspiracy theory alleging Jewish control over world affairs. He also writes that these individuals are “turning the world into Israel”.

He has expressed support for various other conspiracy theories, accusing the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rothchilds of controlling the education system to push children towards “adult-serfdom” and preventing schools teaching about the so-called “genocide…by Israel against Palestine”. He has retweeted statements that “Mossad did London terror attack” and “Zionist Jews” run various international institutions. He also retweeted a tweet stating that “Masonic Jews…will destroy the goyim by starting WW3” and that Jewish communists “invented the 6 million figure”.

He tweeted an article purporting to expose “Brexit and Jewish Oligarchy”, and he attributed the Brexit result to an “Anglo-Zionist push” whilst retweeting a statement about “Masonic Jewish white genocide agenda”, which Manchanda described as “great cover for Luciferian terrorist attacks”.

He has made several media appearances speaking about legal issues, including appearing on Fox News.

Rahul Manchanda, Everyday Antisemitism 7 Comments [8/1/2016 2:40:29 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 120854

Several “conservative” websites are shedding tears over an Arab pizza owner’s torched Baltimore shop (a story they ripped off from the mainstream Baltimore media without credit). Not me. And here’s why.

Several websites from what my friend Adam Taxin aptly calls “Conservative, Inc.” are upset over the torching of an Arab-owned (likely Muslim-owned) pizza shop in Baltimore (including Independent Journal Review and BizPacReview). Moreoever, they’ve repeated the claims of Papa Palace Pizza shop owner, Essam El Ghannam (BizPac calls him Chamman”–yay fact-checking!), that the Baltimore rioters doused him with gasoline and were going to set him on fire. While his pizza shop was indeed burned down, there’s no proof of the rest of his story. But Arabs never lie, right? So, we should take him at his word, just like the mainstream media does, huh?

Here’s why I don’t feel sorry for him: I wonder what Mr. El Ghannam’s views on HAMAS and Hezbollah are. Ghannam is often a Palestinian surname. Sometimes it is Egyptian or Lebanese. It means “shepherd” in Arabic (his first name, “Essam,” means “safeguard” or “security”). He could be Christian, but more likely, he’s Muslim. And, the thing is, I doubt El Ghannam will denounce either of those Islamic terrorist groups mentioned above-both of them terrorist groups that torch innocent civilians’ businesses regularly, especially if they suspect those business owners of being Christian or pro-Israel or, allah-forbid, Evil Zionist. And not only do they torch businesses AND douse people alive with gasoline (a la ISIS Jordanian pilot videos), but they bomb innocent people’s homes. They throw gay people off of ten-story buildings. They drag people through the streets via motorcycle to rip apart and bleed to death.

Does Essam El Ghanam condemn HAMAS and Hezbollah publicly? Don’t bet on it. (Even if he is Christian, which I doubt, most Christian Arabs won’t condemn these groups.) In fact, he probably privately supports them, morally and who knows how else. So sue me if I don’t feel sorry for a member of a group which regularly torches innocent people’s property and takes their lives daily–no, by the moment and the second, when it happens to him. I don’t support this kind of violence, but I don’t shed a tear for an alleged “victim” of it who might also be a moral supporter of it. Unless he’s asked to and specifically does condemn specific Islamic terrorist groups by name, other than Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Do you know if Mr. El Ghannam belongs to a hateful mosque? Or if he’s giving to hate groups in zakat? Or an anti-Israel, anti-Semitic Arab Church, of which there are plenty in the Detroit area, including St. Mary’s in Livonia, the Arab priest of which regularly marches in pro-HAMAS and pro-Hezbollah rallies. I’m sure there is at least one of the same in the Baltimore area. Do you know where his pizza profits have been going? I don’t. And I’d like to know. But nobody bothered to ask him because we’re not allowed to ask these very legit questions anymore. That would be “hateful” and we’re always lectured now, “Don’t Judge!” Don’t judge Bruce Jenner’s plans to cut off his penis and wear a mesh illusion dress, don’t judge Islamic terrorists, and don’t judge a pizza shop owner because his place was burned down, so nothing he thinks or does is relevant.

Pizza shops are easy places to use to divert funds elsewhere because it’s hard to keep track of how many pizzas were actually made, how much dough and toppings went bad and had to be thrown out for a “loss,” and so on. This is the same reason Islamic terrorists nearby used halal chicken farms to launder terrorist funds.

Do you know if Mr. El Ghannam cheered when Palestinians murdered Jews? When Muslims, like Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda, murdered Americans? No? You don’t know? Then, why feel sorry for him unless you do know for certain he’s worthy of your commiseration?

Yes, it is possible that Essam El Ghannam is Christian and not Muslim. But I don’t know that and neither do you.

Here’s what I do know: I know that another, nearby Baltimore pizza shop was twice involved in helping Islamic terrorists evade authorities. Is Essam El-Ghannam friendly with the owners of Safa Pizza? As I told you on this website, Safa Pizza owners twice helped Muslim illegal aliens planning terrorism on American soil, giving them “employment” there and even hiding them from nationwide manhunts.

When 11 Egyptian Muslim “students” skipped out on their student visa condition of attending school at Montana State University (in fact, they never showed up and, instead spread around the country), two of the “students” were found at Safa Pizza, where they were illegally given jobs. The FBI led the investigation because it was believed this was no longer an immigration investigation, but a terrorism one. Before that, the FBI arrested two Muslim illegal aliens plotting to blow up the Baltimore Fort McHenry and Harbor Tunnels. Guess where they found them employed? You guessed it. The same Muslim pizza shop.

Now, I don’t know if Essam El-Ghannam supports Islamic terrorism. I don’t know if he launders money to Islamic terrorists or fudges numbers (a listing with the State of Maryland shows his company’s status was twice “forfeited” and “not in good standing,” so rather than pay the fees and returns, he kept creating new entities for the pizza shop). But I do know that most Muslims and many Christian Arabs won’t publicly denounce Hezbollah and HAMAS, most won’t endorse Israel’s right to exist, and in fact, most of them quietly–and many not so quietly–cheer when Jews and Americans are murdered by Islamic terrorists. And it’s safe to assume he is the rule, not the microscopic fringe exception. And not an innocent “victim.” The statistics, the cues, and the clues are telling.

Show me Essam El-Ghannam is different.

Until then, no tears from me that rioters torched his pizza place. A pox on his and all of their houses (or public housing projects and mosques and anti-Israel churches).

Debbie Schlussel, Debbie Schlussel 19 Comments [7/31/2016 7:26:32 AM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 120847

Regarding the purported beheading of a French priest combined with the taking of hostage of nuns and others there is nothing to see. It’s mere drama, a mere distraction hoax to distract from the absolutely failed Nice truck attack scam. By no means is this real to any degree. It is, rather, an obvious drill, merely staged, as is made abundantly evident by even a cursory review of the imagery.

The purported knifeman and/or shooter is, once again, supposedly an ISIS or, rather, IS mole. Yet, what is ISIS other than the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service? The arch-hoaxing can be seen clearly, here, with the typical image of a supposedly grieving person, in this case the French agent with the long gun, feigning grief before the cameras. As always, the top calibre camera-people were on-site, fully embedded, taking all manner of HD-quality images. Yet, in another second the same man with the same gun can be seen acting all serious and military before the camera: hoax index, not measurable, that is off the scale.

Now, at this point there is supposed to be hostage rescuing going on. So, what are all these players doing at such a great distance from the church? Why are they merely hunkered down about the back-end of the unmarked van? Who can regard this as anything other than a fake and a scam?

Then, there is the highly contrived imagery of the purported beheading master? His surname is Petitjean which is rarely taken by Muslims and is, rather, a common name for Moroccan and/or Sephardic Jewry. The French-influenced Moroccan town of PetitJean is/was heavily Jewish. The ISIS mole to which he is giving this supposed obedience is Jewish in a appearance and is almost assuredly a Mossad agent. Regardless, no Muslim person is supposed to give obedience to another human, never with such posturing, which is, in fact, a crime against Islam. All such elements do, in fact, work for ISIS as the moniker for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Services.

drkresearch, No Disinfo 3 Comments [7/31/2016 7:19:10 AM]
Fundie Index: 2

Quote# 120840

The Democratic Party is the Party of Liars, Thugs, and Hypocrites - they really are due for a name change. I don't have the stomach to watch their evil, ungodly celebration to all things satanic. And they don't even try to hide it anymore - it's out there in the open for all to see. This Democratic convention makes the Israelites celebrating the worship of the golden calf look like a child's party in comparison. It wouldn't surprise me if they brought out a pagan statue to bow down before and worship at some point. Actually, they are there to nominate Clinton, so I guess that can be considered idolatry.

TimeWarpWife, Rapture Ready 23 Comments [7/30/2016 6:57:44 AM]
Fundie Index: 11

Quote# 120815


ISIS, which is run by the security services, has claimed responsibility for the filmed murder of a priest in the Normandy church, in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Rouen, on 26 July 2016.

ISIS is a US-Israeli Creation./ Israel Supports ISIS / America Created ISIS

Rouen has been linked to child abuse rings and snuff videos.

Protected child abuse and snuff networks. /Beyond the Dutroux Affair. / Catholic sexual abuse cases in Europe

Reportedly, an 84-year-old priest, Jacques Hamel, was murdered in the church by two knife wielding attackers, who entered the church, just after 9 am.

Nuns and worshippers 'were taken hostage.'


Former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin said he feared 'everything is being done to trigger a war of religions.'

Knifemen film themselves murdering French priest in Normandy attack. / Normandy church attacker was on watch list and wore electronic tag, French officials say

Aangirfan, Aangirfan 2 Comments [7/29/2016 2:54:54 AM]
Fundie Index: 2

Quote# 120812

Cartoonist Jack Chick has just released a new religious tract titled, “UNTHINKABLE.” It is indeed unthinkable! In the awful tract Mr. Chick praises a Jew who funded the American Revolution named Haym Solomon. Jack Chick says in his tract about Haym Solomon, and I quote, “He deeply loved the American people and God chose this precious Jew to finance the American Revolution and save the nation.” Kindly, Jack Chick is naive of true American history and the Illuminati. Haym Solomon was a Jewish agent of the Rothschild empire, who was instrumental in financing the Masonic beginnings of the United States. In reality, Jack Chick is praising an agent of the Illuminati, and supporting the Luciferian New World Order by supporting present-day Illuminati Israel. History evidences this truth.

David J. Stewart, Love the Truth 5 Comments [7/29/2016 2:54:24 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
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