TruthvLies #fundie

One. Christian numbers are not dropping. They are increasing by the day. In China it is something like 10,000 day. In India it is thousands. In the Middle East muslims are converting to christianity in droves because Jesus is appearing to them in dreams and visions.

I know that you want their numbers to be dropping but it ain't the case. Even in America, over the last fifty years the numbers have remained constant.

I don't know what religion does as I am not involved in it. My faith is based on a relationship with a person so I don't need religion.
Sorry to say for you, I don't have an ego as I am dead and my life is hid with Christ in God.

Pascal's wager is only a poor argument if you are on the wrong end of it which atheists are. If it is true and it is, then you are a complete fool to say it is a poor argument.

But then atheist specialise in denial to avoid the truth.


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