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IQs among the later generation of Chinese and Asian Americans are not significantly lower than the average Ashkenazi.

Jews are a lot more successful because they are good at value transference fields such as Academia, Finance, Law and Politics. To truly succeed in these fields, it takes extroversion, knowing how to deal with people when situation calls for it, and social networking in general, behavioral traits that are sorely lacking in most Asians. If blacks had higher IQs, no doubt they would be more successful than Asians, because they are just better at socializing and networking.

Just to reiterate, to call Asians the “New Jews” is damaging and dangerously misleading.

I was watching the video of the 2nd presidential debate again from last year, and I noticed that the only 2 Asian attendees didn’t say a word addressing their concerns. The other minorities did have their representatives who stood up to ask the candidates of Black and Hispanic issues. Jeremy Epstein, who is Jewish judging by his last name, was asking Obama and Romney if he would get a job when he graduates. He instantly became an online celebrity and got several job offers subsequent to the debate. If you follow the video from the beggining to end, you will realize that the Asians seemed rather nonchalant about the whole event, as to not wanting to be part of the spotlight. Again, Asians are predisposed to introversion, which makes them less effective to get their voices heard, something that Jews and other minorities have been doing in order to bring social progress.


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