Martin Yirrell #fundie

(=Disclaimer: Yes. Martin Yirrell and Martin from Premier are the same person=)

Martin Yirrell: Homosexuality goes against God's decree that sex is restricted to a married man and woman, incest doesn't.

Alexander V Carsonjr: Martin, I doubt Gods exists that little rule was likely made by sick men whose God reflects them.

Martin Yirrell: On what basis is incest harmful, apart from the dangers of genetic load ?

Alexander V Carsonjr: you mean besides the fact it's fucking sick ? Also you proved my point that 2 people can't populate the earth.


Martin Yirrell: You know God exists you just pretend you don't.

Alexander V Carsonjr: Why do you assume that ? Is it that foreign to you that there are those who just don't share your beliefs ?

Martin Yirrell: No assumptions, just plain unadorned facts.



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