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[Part of an article claiming that children with ADHD are really the new "Aquarian" race.]

The process of human evolution has produced five distinct races of Earthlings over the course of history. Life began with the Polarian race, and evolved into the Hyperborean race, then into the Lemurian race, and further into the Atlantian race. The fifth and present race is called the Aryan race. Evolution is preparing for the development of the sixth race – a race more mentally gifted with extraordinary brain capabilities than any of it predecessors. This up and coming evolving race is called the Aquarian race.

Today’s children are extremely fortunate recipients of the most dynamic developments of human nature, especially the progression of the human brain. The brain’s development from intellect to intuition will bring about much greater levels of mental capabilities in consciousness, intelligence and spirituality than has ever been witnessed before. Aquarian rays of energy that are permeating our planet will resonate neuron cells and the brain’s alpha frequency will register wisdom on a higher cosmic realm, producing thought of a new reality. This new revolution of thought will find its grounds of fertilization and development in the minds of the young. These children are either rebelling against the conformity of the present day reality or highly intelligent and conscious of the need of a greater reality. These highly gifted minds are being called Aquarian Children. They are the parents of the future Aquarian race.

Trialfa Omega, The Institute of Nungkyyii 39 Comments [6/6/2009 5:47:35 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: ausador
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Aquarian rays of energy that are permeating our planet will resonate neuron cells and the brain’s alpha frequency will register wisdom on a higher cosmic realm, producing thought of a new reality.

Bwahahahaha, thats great, tell me another one!

Oh shit, you were serious? Dude get some help. :(

6/6/2009 6:16:36 AM


I nominate this for a "Sucker-punch Crazy" award.

I was getting nothing but "meh" for the whole first paragraph and much of the second, but then "Aquarian rays of energy that are permeating our planet will resonate neuron cells and the brain’s alpha frequency will register wisdom on a higher cosmic realm" hit me right between the eyes, to devastating effect.

6/6/2009 6:18:11 AM

lol what

What in hell?

6/6/2009 7:27:53 AM


Is the Moon in the seventh house and is Jupiter aligned with Mars?

6/6/2009 8:01:02 AM

God Is Real Unless Declared Integer

*yowl* My ppor BRAIN!

6/6/2009 9:10:14 AM


Ironically, your post reminds me of the batshittery that ensues when people take large recreational doses of psychostimulants used to treat ADHD.

Adderall isn't for you, mmmkay? Save it for us ~*SuPeR sPeCiaL AqUaRiaN*~ people.

6/6/2009 9:16:50 AM


Dude, what?

6/6/2009 9:56:54 AM

The Skeptic Wept

Looks like the Scientologists are getting a little competition.

6/6/2009 10:08:33 AM


Looks like I'll have some good connections then, I know a few people with ADHD.

Seriously, I think that Trialfa is just somebody with ADHD looking for comfort, and s/he finds it in claiming that his/her disorder is actually something that makes him/her superior to all humans without it. S/he should look at the truth of the situation and try to deal with it in some way other than making crap up to feel good.

6/6/2009 10:16:41 AM

Dio Fa

New Age drool is so 1980's.

6/6/2009 10:54:40 AM

Good grief are you truly that stupid?

6/6/2009 12:37:47 PM

Pule Thamex

Because of the malign influence of Niburu/Planet X, all Malabarian dance gurus have transmeditated to dimension Q. This was predicted to occur by transitional unaligned Zetan Greys inadvertently altering the Higgs Boson pre-milennium meditative effect taking place in the vicinity of gas giants.

A greater source of Lyran presumptive quantum pachyderms immortalizes the somewhat hackneyed Tirolean post-modern sub-corinthian quench logic, with rather a charming effect, I might add. The average Reptillian proto-adviser to the Transgalactic metaphoric ectoplasm weavers concurs that this is no reason to snigger by using extraterrestrial orifices. While the pan-galactic space-time waltzers of the Virgo Cluster have steadfastly refused to continue with the rest of their tour in the Spelifian arm of the Pritalix galaxy.

Meanwhile, back on Earth at the new Salisbury crop circle near Stonehenge, nothing is happening. The last time nothing happened a serious mottling broke out on the nose of Mrs. Irene Quilterbottom-Warmsley, much to the delight of the local soothsayer, Nadine Mannix, who had successfully predicted such an occurence among Taurians with a double barreled surname.

The Lord High Quimbly Bob Of Altair sent his congratulations via the Scwimuse Of Orion and cosmic harmony was once more restored. Genetically transmogrified Zetan Grey Reptiles happily twittered away at the multi-dimensional coconuts of Fijutnev-Ek-Higef in the Andromeda Galaxy. All this against a background of... (cont. page 94)

6/6/2009 2:15:41 PM

...or they need therapy.

6/6/2009 2:16:09 PM


seriously, wat

6/6/2009 4:31:52 PM


Idiot! The elder Races of Men are the Fire Mist People, The Potato Bug People, The Yokel people, and the Kissable Chitterlings!

6/6/2009 4:58:49 PM


It's batshit crazy, but it's not really a conspiracy theory.

6/6/2009 7:47:09 PM

The Real American Patriot

I'm an expert in race. There are actually 6 races: gooks, spicks, niggers, sandniggers, indians(red dot kind), and american indians. God personally created white people. The future race of mankind is going to be the Aryan race. Tall blonde haired, blue eyed, white skinned perfection of humans.

6/6/2009 8:35:14 PM


"Aquarian rays of energy that are permeating our planet will resonate neuron cells and the brain’s alpha frequency will register wisdom on a higher cosmic realm, producing thought of a new reality."

XD XD XD Classic!!

No one tells pretentious bullshit like a New Ager!!

6/6/2009 10:11:03 PM

This reminds me of that "Indigo Children" stupidity of about ten years ago. At one point some people were even trying to say kids were being born with special, alien-implanted DNA. Can't wait to see how many hysterical helicopter parents jump on this bandwagon.

6/7/2009 12:28:55 AM

I hope you never have to father one of those "aquarian children". Their fathers are real saints.

6/7/2009 2:59:12 AM

The real american idiot, most ADHD people happen to be white. I hope you never have to go to the phase of fathering one of them(thanks for trolling about the {"superior race")

6/7/2009 3:00:39 AM


I can see it now, evolution standing in his lab in the evolution-cave preparing for the development of the 6th race. Bwahahaha.

6/7/2009 11:35:57 AM


You know if this guy wasn't bat shit crazy. He could write a sci-fi novel. A fictional one.


Don't feed the troll

6/7/2009 4:48:56 PM

At least this is original...

6/7/2009 7:00:27 PM

Ah, the Aquarius race dumbasses, I forgot about them! Jenny McCarthy promotes this too.

6/7/2009 10:38:38 PM
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