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I think baldness is related to having a haughty spirit or arrogance.

JohnR7, Christian Forums 27 Comments [4/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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I think baldness is related to a sex-linked mutation on the X chromosome.

12/15/2006 6:26:24 AM


So baldness is the X-Gene? Explains why Xavier was so powerful anyway

3/5/2007 7:23:06 PM


Well, well, apparently JohnR7 thinks the prophet Elisha had a haughty, arrogant spirit. Strange - I always thought Elisha (according to the Bible) was given a double portion of Elijah's spirit subsequent to Elijah being whisked up into Heaven by God.

So, if someone with twice the godly spirit of Elijah can be said to have a haughty, arrogant spirit, what we're really saying here (at least that I can infer) is that.... God is haughty and arrogant?

Wow, John.

3/5/2007 8:30:44 PM


I think baldness is related to having a haughty spirit or arrogance...and wearing baseball caps too much.

3/5/2007 8:39:41 PM


Oh that is just too funny. My husband has alepecia. Does that mean he was Haughty and arrogant as a fetus?

3/5/2007 10:49:02 PM


Well I think baldness is related to having no hair.

3/5/2007 10:58:44 PM


Personally, I often think baldness is related to sexiness, but only if you don't grow that one greasy disgusting patch really long and try to flop it over your bald spot.

3/5/2007 11:39:31 PM


You know, I actually want to agree with JohnR7 there. I started balding at age 18, and have often been accused of being haughty and arrogant.
Of course, dealing with a world full of indoctrinated idiots does make one want to pull one's hair out. And it is pretty easy to be haughty and arrogant when one's intellectual ability and moral grounding are greater and more solid than the aggregate of whole churches full of believers. In the end, I suppose it would be more truthful to blame both my baldness and my haughty arrogance on religious dipshits like JohnR7!

3/6/2007 12:03:55 AM

Matty The Red

i think retardedness is related to having the name johnr7

3/6/2007 3:00:44 AM

Brian X

You know, I think this guy seriously believes the Dogbert School of Televangelism (which basically states if you have That Kind of Hair, people will give you money because you're so holy).

3/6/2007 6:11:57 PM


No usually baldness is related to having a lack of hair.

3/18/2007 11:54:08 PM


"mommy, why is daddy going bald?"
"because he uses his head for so much thinking, sweetie"
"But mommy, why does you have so much hair then?"

1/4/2008 2:28:55 AM


The scientific and medical communities seem to think baldness is related to genetics.

Since the actual evidence appears to be in their favor, I believe I'll go with their side of things.

1/4/2008 2:36:18 AM

Philbert McAdamia

It's been said that men balding in the front are thinkers.
And men balding in the back are sexy.
And men balding front AND back are bald headed old geezers who think they're sexy.

Now why would a fundie name himself after a street in Detroit where prostitutes hang out...

1/4/2008 4:57:52 AM

b. beau

"Hair goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall..."
Rogaine 3:16

1/4/2008 5:12:48 AM


The man I am currently seeing is the kindest, most humble spirit I've ever known. He's bald as a cueball. Try again.

1/4/2008 5:20:16 AM


I think you are an idiot.

1/4/2008 6:47:35 AM

You might want to be careful. Remember what God did to those kids who made fun a bald man?

8/22/2009 5:30:35 PM

Caustic Gnostic

No, baldness is related to taking chemotherapy for cancer.

8/22/2009 10:38:15 PM


Then you shouldn't have a hair on your body, my friend...

8/22/2009 11:34:49 PM


I'd be lookin' put for bears right now if I were you, Bible scholar

8/23/2009 6:47:49 AM


"I think baldness is related to having a haughty spirit or arrogance."

Every trichologist on the planet would like a word with you, JohnR7.

Opinions != Facts.

8/23/2009 2:47:00 PM


Wow. Just wow.
If I were to go by personal experience, I would say that baldness was related to being kind, intelligent, and being a decent human being.
However, because I have a brain and realize that causation and correlation are not exactly the same thing, I think that baldness is probably genetic, though I don't know the exact details, that's what my common sense and ten seconds of internet research seem to tell me.

8/23/2009 3:06:01 PM


What type of spirit is being stupid related to?

8/23/2009 3:42:33 PM


I'm extremely arrogant and a smartass, but I still have a full head of hair.
I'll get back to you when I'm seventy or so.

8/9/2011 5:16:15 PM

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