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Funny how the left is all about protecting religious freedom when it comes to building the mosque, but totally against the freedom to burn korans. I want muslims to know their satanic cult isn’t wanted here. America needs to get their collective heads out of the sand and see what islam has done to other countries and what it will inevitably do in America. Islam is in no way compatible with American laws and ideals, in spite of what muzzie Barry says.

ilovesarah2012, Free Republic 62 Comments [9/13/2010 9:15:19 PM]
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John Galt

No one says you can't do it, just that you shouldn't.

The rest is unworthy of refutation.

9/13/2010 9:23:45 PM

C. Adaver

I'm all for burning the Qur’an, as long as the fire is well stoked with bibles.

9/13/2010 9:38:06 PM

C. Adaver

I'm all for burning the Qur’an, as long as the fire is well stoked with bibles.

9/13/2010 9:38:51 PM


Out of curiosity, what's your opinion on the burning of the American flag? Does it offend you? Are you one of the approximately 55% - 60% of Americans who support a constitutional amendment that would enable congress to ban flag desecration? Have you even read the Texas v. Johnson decision from the SCOTUS that declared that a state law banning flag desecration was unconstitutional?

If you want to burn a Qu'ran, that's perfectly within your rights. Just as it is perfectly within your rights to burn a flag. Just make sure you're burning your own Qu'ran / flag (and haven't stolen someone else's.) And, while you're at it, do it safely so that you're not creating a public danger.

But if you choose to do either, it would be perfectly within my rights to think you're an asshole and a scumbag.

In fact, that's one of the truly beautiful things about America: you have the right to be an asshole and a scumbag. So do it with pride.

And, for the record, Islam is no more and no less compatible with American laws and ideals, than Christianity is.

9/13/2010 9:49:07 PM


We support freedom of religion. You oppose freedom of religion. We oppose you.

What the fuck is so funny about that?

9/13/2010 9:59:52 PM


It may not be but neither is Christianity. Both have very strict laws, both advocate killing unbelievers, and so on. Not to mention those of us against it were more against it because the repercussions and because it might hurt our military. I would think that last part would sway people who are big time patriots. Obviously I was mistaken

9/13/2010 10:03:45 PM


I'm quite sure that the thousands of U.S. soldiers, who happen to be Muslims, would disagree.

BTW. Anyone who loves Bible Spice and actually thinks she will sacrifice her celebrity lifestyle for the responsibilities of public office is stupid beyond redemption.

9/13/2010 10:14:22 PM


...see, building a mosque is a constructive social activity which has about the same positive effects as raising a new church, only possibly a few extra points for the fact that they're harder to find around here and therefor more valuable. It's a building with a purpose, coming into existence, and whatever you think about the purpose, it's still a constructive act. Which also minds its own business. Burning a Quran is just a gesture. A nasty, horrible gesture intended to let 'them' know 'they' aren't wanted. Vicious, destructive, and certainly not minding one's own business.

So, while both are equally legal (providing they obey building codes and you fire codes) and I'm not going to stop you, you are despicable, and they aren't. Not funny at all. Get it?

9/13/2010 10:25:06 PM


Well, I support the Muslims' right to build a mosque, even though I disagree with it. And I support the Pastor's right to burn a Koran, even though I disagree with it. So I fail to see what is hypocritical about my position, or that of anyone who thinks similarly to me. Perhaps you just don't understand the distinction between "I support X" and "I support someone else's right to X."


"Bible Spice" is the best nickname EVAR. I hope it catches on. ;)

9/13/2010 10:28:01 PM


Funny how you attack others for protecting the wrong religious freedom, then turn around to attacking Muslims for being satanic. They are no more satanic than you are, and just as much a cult as you are.

Let's see what Christianity has done to other countries, including America, first, then we can deal with Islam.
Moderate Islam is more compatible with American laws and ideal, than fundamentalist Christianity is.

Who's muzzie Barry?

9/13/2010 10:28:32 PM

The Jamo

Be it the Quran, the bible or any other book, burning it is as stupid as it is pointless and wasteful... unless of course you're 5 years old. Then you might think there is something fun about it, but only because of the fire and not necessarily what's fueling it. But by all means, go burn books. Go on, do it. I certainly won't stop you.

9/13/2010 10:47:33 PM


I'm not sure what a cheesy green monster invented to teach children foreign languages has to do with anything.

/bad Muzzie joke

In all seriousness though?
You're an idiot.

9/13/2010 10:56:05 PM

What has Islam done to other countries? The answer, in case you don't know (and chances are that you're a fucking idiot and don't), is nothing. Religious zealots, insane fundamentalists and megalomaniac liars have damaged the countries you are most likely referring to. Funny how as a general rule, those are qualities I see more often in those that oppose the community centre than those who support it's right to be built.

9/13/2010 10:56:30 PM

London Jew

Mosque? What mosque?

9/13/2010 11:00:30 PM


Just build a fucking church next door to the mosque and shut the fuck up already!

9/13/2010 11:06:04 PM


It's not that you can't, it's just that the consequences aren't really worth it.

I could put a toaster next to my bath so I can have my breakfast while I soak, but I really shouldn't be surprised if I end up with a bit of a shock.

Let's put this into perspective. Wanting to build an Islamic centre in New York is a fairly rational thing to want to do, there are plenty of Muslims that live in New York and they want somewhere to hang out. It's also something that was supposed to help bring communities together and show the US that not all Muslims are terrorists. They own the land so they should be allowed to anything they want with it as long as it isn't unconstitutional (which is something you should support, isn't it?).
Wanting to burn Korans in retaliation for 9/11 is based on irrational fears of the other (well, not really other). It's constitutional (as far as I can tell, unless it's got the American Flag on it) but it's a selfish act, satisfying your need for revenge whilst feeding that whole "but he started it" machine that never gets anyone anywhere (look at Northern Ireland).

You have every right to be an idiot. You have the right to do something stupid. You have the right to be wrong. But that doesn't mean that you have to do stupid things. With every right comes a responsibility. You have the responsibility to not be a jack-ass when it matters.

9/13/2010 11:19:47 PM


I am totally against burning books of any kind. The book burning mentality is what fueled the dark ages.

9/13/2010 11:46:16 PM


Burning korans is provocative and no good could ever come of it.

This is not the same thing as building a cultural centre near Ground Zero (not the same as erecting a mosque on Ground Zero itself), especially as there were Muslim victims of 9/11 as well. And I'm not talking about the hijackers.

I do respect the right to burn the holy books of other faiths, but I just happen to think it's a seriously bad idea. On September 11th, or on any other day.

9/13/2010 11:52:31 PM

Building a mosque is one thing, but being a dick for the sake of being a dick is quite another.

9/14/2010 12:14:36 AM


I'm okay with the building and I don't give a damn about the book burning.

In general I think book burning is retarded but not enough to riot over.

9/14/2010 12:27:11 AM


I am feeling hurtful today. Please forgive the vitriol.

Let us all pray that when you successfully ignite your bonfire of prejudice that your child walks up confidently with a Quran in hand - ready to chuck it in - and trips, falls forward and is incinerated in a glorious sacrifice to your Blood God. I want to hear you moan, wail and gnash your teeth with misery and hopelessness.

You and your ilk just don't get it. Islam is not some satanic cult that eats babies. Compared to most religions on the planet it is one of the closest things to christianity. They are different dialects of the same religious concept.
Your freedom of religion clause grants freedom to worship however you want, as long as it doesn't trample on another's rights. Deliberately burning religious icons is generally regarded as hurtful to those who regard it as spiritually important. Knowing that there is a house of worship dedicated to your competition is not trampling on your rights. You are spoiled toddler in a grown up body.

Be more

9/14/2010 1:14:15 AM

Mrs. Antichrist

We're not against the freedom to burn them, we just think it's a really fucking stupid idea. Since when is speaking out against an action denying people's rights?

9/14/2010 2:05:11 AM

Rapax Pringer

"muzzie Barry"

Do these asshats still think Barack's a muslim?

9/14/2010 2:12:44 AM


So, letting certain people buy land and build a community center is bad; but burning books is good. Explain to me, why would you want to torch a holy book? All you would express is bigotry of greatest degree, just based on shit that happened 9 years ago.

9/14/2010 3:37:49 AM


It... But... how... FFS, they worship the same damn god!

9/14/2010 4:17:08 AM

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