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We can dig deeper, wider, we can top the OP about the pyramids being built by dinosaurs.

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The bible does not mention the Pyramids so they were built without God's permission. Satan has many powers and could have helped the Egyptians, it's not beyond possibility.

Remember what happened to those who first disturbed the tomb of Tutankhamen. The evil spirits were unleashed upon them.

There is greater mystery in the hidden world than in so called reality. Read the bible and perhaps clarity on the point can be interpreted.

Tools, CARM 85 Comments [4/9/2011 3:11:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 125
Submitted By: Meridian the Imaginary

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There is greater mystery in the hidden world than in so called reality.

There is so much about the physical realm that we do not yet understand, that the more intelligent people (i.e. those who don't waste time on sites like CARM) prefer studying science over wasting time on ancient myths.

4/9/2011 3:16:02 AM


There is greater mystery in the hidden world than in so called reality.

Because it's hidden?

4/9/2011 3:26:35 AM


the bible does not mention north america, australia, or your mother they exist without god's permission

4/9/2011 3:34:28 AM

Raised by Horses

These guys make the Rapture Ready horde look sane by comparison.

4/9/2011 4:04:27 AM



4/9/2011 4:16:50 AM


For the record, assuming you consider the fate of those who discovered King Tut's tomb to be anything out of the ordinary (which I don't but am willing to grant you some leeway), their fates were a combination of exposure to stale air, millennia-old germs and bacteria, and the hazards of the life of an explorer.

Note that when I say "millennia-old" I don't mean the actual organisms actually living for thousands of years but instead a closed group evolving independently of other life.

4/9/2011 4:32:18 AM


The Bible does not mention computers, so they were built without God's permission. Get the fuck off yours, and stay off it.

4/9/2011 4:36:34 AM


Lets replace just a few words in this fundie quote:

"bible" with "quran"
"pyramids" with "WTC"
"God" with "Allah"
"Egyptians" with "Americans"
and find a similiar analogy for the tomb of Tutankhamun,

and then lets ask "Tools" if he is now convinced that the USA is in a pact with Satan, and whether he will convert to Islam immediately.

But I strongly doubt that "Tools" will find this convincing...

4/9/2011 4:38:15 AM


Satan has many powers and could have helped the Egyptians, it's not beyond possibility.

Or not and they did it without supernatural intervention!

Ever been to the pyramids you tool!

4/9/2011 4:56:13 AM


Tools, I like you, you're a good kid and a hard worker, but ya gotta stay away from the drugs, son.

4/9/2011 5:02:03 AM


A majority of all the things in the "so called reality" are not mentioned in the Bible, stupid, and the insides of the pyramids are part of that reality.
Those who first disturbed the tomb of Tutankhamen were subjected to diseases their immune system had never met before.

Clarity on the point can be interpreted? What?
If there is clarity, you won't need to interpret, and if you have to interpret, you will probably not find clarity.

4/9/2011 5:13:01 AM

Pule Thamex

There comes a point where insanity is indistinguishable from either poeish nonsense or from the reveling in one's own blatant stupidity. I reckon that's how God intends insanity to be perceived, as being poeish or stupid. This is because God wants His followers to be like Him in as many ways as possible. Since God is both insane and manifestly stupid, read the Black Book Of Death for confirmation of that, then it stands to reason that His gullible followers think they're right to be likewise. Of course, the stupidity could be feigned in ways that might be considered as being humerous to some tools, in which case, tee ... er, hee.

4/9/2011 5:45:06 AM


So why didn't God confound the Egyptians' language to stop them? After all, the pyramids are a lot higher than anything the people of Babel could have built out of mud-brick and bitumen.

4/9/2011 5:49:53 AM


he's right about one thing: his username. What a tool.

4/9/2011 5:51:14 AM


1276759 @Gawd - not Poe, more probably La-la or Dipsy. Couldn't be Tinkie winkie though.

4/9/2011 6:19:43 AM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

"Remember what happened to those who first disturbed the tomb of Tutankhamen."

Yep. Sure do. The vast majority went on to live normal lives for several years thereafter.

"A study showed that of the 58 people who were present when the tomb and sarcophagus were opened, only eight died within a dozen years," according to a Wikipeda article at

Even Howard Carter, the man who first entered the tomb, had no ill effects from it. He lived more than 17 years after the expedition and succumbed to natural causes (lymphoma) at the age of 64.

It took me less than 2 minutes to do this research.

4/9/2011 6:32:29 AM


The Bible doesn't mention Tools, sho s/he was born without god's permission and shouldn't really exist. Probably it was Satan's doing.

Tutankhamun's tomb and the deaths that followed has been hyped into an urban myth. There is adequate explanation if one cares to research it.

The reality of the Bible is that of up to 2,700 years ago and has little enough to do with post modern society.

In a word, Tools is well names.

4/9/2011 6:35:14 AM

D Laurier

What the fuck?
The pyramids were build by paid farm labourers, hired during the off season.
They were a make-work project designed to keep peasants from raiding the next village.
Work gangs were composed of peasants from all over the land.

4/9/2011 6:38:12 AM


@ Raised by Horses - I'd say that they're both equally idiotic.

4/9/2011 7:09:18 AM

It doesn’t mention me, either. So I’m Godforsaken.


4/9/2011 7:17:35 AM


I wish they'd make up their minds! Sometimes Satan has no power, only the illusion of power and his lies, other times he has "many powers". Can't this be empirically tested in some way?

4/9/2011 7:20:34 AM

Urban legends apart, why have they been standing with no problem at all for more than 5000 years, if God didn't approve of them?. NO FUCKING SENSE.

4/9/2011 7:28:42 AM


Um...The bible also doesn't mention cars, computers, guns, bombs, etc

4/9/2011 7:41:35 AM

Fundies Make Me Sick

The Bible is not a concordance of every historical event in the world, you dumbass.

4/9/2011 7:41:35 AM

Philbert McAdamia

@ Hasher
Can't this be empirically tested in some way?

Well, Gawd hasn't ever been able to whup him.

Of course!
Swede said it better than I could have.

4/9/2011 7:51:24 AM

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