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The blacks who follow Obama do NOT know Jesus. They are under the curse of Canaan. They do not respect authority and refuse to believe in God’s word. They are absolutely repulsive to me, but I am grateful to God that they will not be Heaven with us.

Now, on the other hand, I LOVE the conservative blacks. I see them as so strong and brave to go against the scoffers, mockers, and murderers of the left.

God bless the descent people of this country and PLEASE, keep cursing the evil ones. AMEN!

Jodie, Moonbattery 102 Comments [9/15/2012 4:21:07 AM]
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Fairly normal for a modern Republican. This is why the Religious Right exists, to give a divine imperative to ultraright politics.

9/15/2012 4:22:54 AM


Jodie's submission to authority involves leather and chains.

9/15/2012 4:24:08 AM

Filin De Blanc

In other words, you like black people as long as they "know their place".

9/15/2012 4:25:05 AM

D Laurier

A hatefull little biggot arent you.

9/15/2012 4:43:13 AM


1) What a marvellous piece of racism and prejudice!
I don't understand why blacks would want to associate with you; it would be as if Jews would want to enter the NSDAP (sorry for the Godwin but it really asked for it).

2) It should be on RSTDT.

9/15/2012 4:48:34 AM


The 'descent' people? Is that code for retards?

9/15/2012 4:49:33 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

9/15/2012 4:58:35 AM


I must say that the gap between 'scoffers and mockers' and 'murderers' is quite a large one. But even putting that little bit of hysteria aside, Jodie, you are a disgusting biggot who is entirely unqualified to voice your hatred in public. And to justify your vile opinion with absurd mythology also makes you an idiot.

9/15/2012 5:01:01 AM

Oh My Dog!

A twofer!

9/15/2012 5:03:43 AM


Isn't Obama Christian? What does the skin-tone have to do with respecting authority or belief in one god or the other?
Are you going to be Heaven? I thought you were going TO Heaven?

How is it brave of conservative blacks to go against the left? Isn't it just as brave of conservative whites?

Keep cursing? In what way?

9/15/2012 5:03:55 AM


It's scary that Ebon is right. This isn't fringe thinking for much of the Republican base. It is fringe thinking for the business wing of the party which, given the nomination of Mitt Romney, appears to still be in control. At least for the moment.

But what's really freightening is that it's only a matter of time before the religious right manages to actually get one of its ilk nominated by the Republicans for president.

Given the general stupidity of the American electorate, he actually could win. Then what?

9/15/2012 5:59:32 AM

Jordab the Folf

Surprisingly, not many people quoted here actually make spelling errors like that.
And nice twofer.

9/15/2012 6:18:16 AM

Thinking Allowed

Now if Jodie mentioned anything about aliens or Obama not being a US citizen, we would have a trifecta.

9/15/2012 6:29:04 AM

Rabbit of Caerbannog

Two outta three ain't bad, Jodie.

9/15/2012 6:56:49 AM

The descent people? What, he like miners?

9/15/2012 7:01:23 AM



No, don't answer that.

9/15/2012 7:08:34 AM


Ah, conditional love, a truly Christian concept if there ever was one, right Moonbattery?

9/15/2012 7:21:34 AM


I LOVE the conservative blacks.

Dear Jodie, I'll buy you your own personal copy:

9/15/2012 7:29:43 AM


To be fair, Jodie's right about Obama's black supporters not "knowing Jesus." After all, no one really does since he's been dead for nearly 2,000 years.

9/15/2012 7:32:49 AM

Doubting Thomas

Them blacks is good people... as long as they agree with me.

Is it any wonder that Romney is polling at 0% among blacks? And other Republicans aren't doing much better.

9/15/2012 7:33:13 AM

Obama IS a "conservative black":
- Like Bush, he is favor government surveillance like (Renewed Patriot Act)
- Like Bush, he condones torture (Did not shut down Guantanamo or other black sites)
- Like Bush, he invaded an oil-rich nation (Libya)
- Like Bush, he bails out corrupt corporations using taxpayer money with no oversight

Obama goes even further than Bush by using the Espionage Act to crackdown on whistleblowers who dare to expose corruption. (He did this 6 times so far)

Skin color is the ONLY reason why the conservatives are not embracing Obama like the second coming of Bush he is.

9/15/2012 7:57:21 AM


As the lawfully elected President of this country, President Obama is the authority. Show some fucking respect, Jodie!

9/15/2012 8:12:31 AM


What an evil fucking cunt!

9/15/2012 8:17:32 AM


It's scary how polarised America has become, that there are people who actually think like this. I blame an absolutely unscrupulous propaganda campaign by various reactionary forces, lasting for decades, in alliance with religious bigotry. This is what has warped people's values and perceptions to the extent that they are capable of writing things like this.

9/15/2012 8:26:00 AM


"CURSE DA TWROLLS, peace to everybody else."

9/15/2012 8:32:11 AM

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