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Morality itself tends to fluctuate in time, and who is to say that generations from now, our highest ideals won't be viewed as obscene? Afterall, at one point the KKK, slavery, genocide and torture were all viewed as acceptable. They still are in parts of the world. So by what morals and during what time period would one hold an immortal being to?

Another argument against holding God to human morals is that It isn't human. We don't hold animals to human ethical standards. If we did, we would have to arrest them for murder, public indecency, rape, incest and a whole gamut of other immmoral crimes. Since God isn't a human being, holding him to our standards is likewise pointless.

So I suppose in retrospect, if God ordered me to commit genocide, I probably would. I would have to be reasonably assured that is was actually God. But if so convinced, I would have no moral problem with it. Like my Mother says :\"Son, I brought you into this world, don't think I won't take you out.\"


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